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Monday, July 16, 2012

Followup: WBJ profile of Shawn Scarlata

On July 1 PG-Politics posted comments on a June 29 Washington Business Journal profile of Prince George's County detective Shawn Scarlata.  See

"Executive Profile: Shawn Scarlata"
"WBJ profile of Shawn Scarlata ignores his role in planning and executing Calvo raid"

On July 13, the WBJ published in the print edition a followup piece by editor Douglas Fruehling, "And now, the rest of the story," and posted online additional followup information by assistant managing editor Vanda Sinha, "Executive Profile Take II, with Shawn Scarlata."

These responses were more than I had expected, but less than I had hoped for.  They explain why the original piece was written, address my criticism, and include Scarlata's comments on the situation.  While Scarlata seems to want to minimize his role in planning and executing the botched raid, I suspect that, if it had resulted in a successful bust of real criminals, he would instead seek to claim most or much of the credit.

Since the WBJ posted a paragraph giving Scarlata's side of the story, I do wish they had included a statement by Mayor Calvo giving his somewhat different version of the event.

Finally, I must mention that Ms. Sinha attempted to contact me, unfortunately at a time I was away, and I was not able to get back to her in a timely fash1on.

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