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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summary: Recent Head Start and other school problem related links from Twitter

PGCPS Head Start Had Previous Problems, Letter Says …

4-year-old PGCPS Student dropped off at wrong bus stop on first day of school …

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Md. county school board members call for leaders’ ouster after Head Start debacle

Tracee Wilkins
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The fallout follows the county losing its federal Head Start funding after a federal investigation into student abuse.

Tracee Wilkins
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County Exec says he has faith in the school board's chair and vice chair.

Tracee Wilkins
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#Breaking: 5 Pr. George's Co. School Board members call for the board's chair and vice chair to resign. County Exec confirms he has letter.

ALSO: From Rushern Baker's inauguration speech, December 2010:

Some have asked, “Are you planning on taking direct control over the county schools?” My answer is no ..."

BOE political cronyism-nepotism refresher

Before Rushern Baker took office, he said that he would NOT make another attempt to take over the school system. Nevertheless, he asked the General Assembly to let him take it over. They gave him part of what he asked for.
One of the leaders behind Baker's school coup was Del. Dereck Davis.

Baker appointed Seguin Eubanks as chair of the Board of Education. Eubanks is Baker's ex brother-in-law.

Baker and Eubanks hired Kevin Maxwell to be school CEO. Maxwell promptly hired Mrs. Dereck Davis as his top deputy.

Del. Dereck Davis' day job is as a top official in the county Office of Community Relations. In other words, he works for Rushern Baker.

Del. Dereck Davis' immediate supervisor in the Office of Community Relations is Musa Eubanks, the brother of Seguin Eubanks.

A number of questions come to mind.

  • Was Davis' support of Baker's coup really "for the children," or more to curry favor with his boss?
  • Did the school system really need another high-paid administrator, and was Mrs. Davis the absolute best choice, or was her hiring payment for Del. Davis' support?
  • Was Seguin Eubanks the absolute best choice for BOE chair, or was his hiring influenced by his relationship to Baker and one of his top aides?

I'm sure their are other ethical questions that could also be asked--including whether any of the above contributed to Baker's failure to keep his promises about ethics and hiring an Inspector General.

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