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Sunday, July 01, 2012

WBJ profile of Shawn Scarlata ignores his role in planning and executing Calvo raid

The June 29 issue of the Washington Business Journal has a puff piece ("Executive Profile") about Shawn Scarlata, co-founder of Blueline Security Services.


When he is not running his security company, Scarlata is one of the police members of Rushern Baker's entourage.

What the article, by Adriana Scott, does NOT mention is the role Scarlata played in planning and executing the infamous raid where Scarlata and his stormtrooper colleagues had drugs delivered to the home of Berwyn Heights mayor Cheye Calvo, and then, apparently without an appropriate warrant, stormed the house, handcuffed Calvo and family, and shot their dogs in the back as they ran away.

Scarlata's role, and status as a defendant in the resulting lawsuit, were widely reported in the local and national press.  I find it hard to believe that the Washington Business Journal would be unaware of the controversy.

News reports about Scarlata's role suggest to me that he was either unaware of, or ignored, requirements of law that relate to warrants and that he was contemptuous of the rights of the people he setup and detained.  Both he and his employer were sued as a result of his actions. 

It seems to me that knowledge of Scarlata's history and behavior with respect to the Calvo raid would be important to potential clients, especially those who want to avoid potential litigation.

So, was the Washington Business Journal ignorant of this part of Scarlata's background, or did they consider it unimportant, or did they decide to cover it up? 

Whatever the case, it makes me wonder what else may be missing from these weekly profiles.

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