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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (7 & 8 Mar 2012)

Gory Prince George's
Public Safety
  • CBSWashDC Gov. O’Malley Considering Commuting Life Sentences Of Two Convicted Murderers cbsloc.al/zC0UJW
    • postlocal Maryland's governor will take a key step toward commuting the prison terms of inmates serving life sentences for murder wapo.st/zEgWKi
  • CountyExecBaker In the wake of severe weather outbreaks nation-wide, we're reminding citizens to sign up for alerts from Notify Me ow.ly/9vzSy
  • nsmcgill $3K reward offered for info in #Laurel hit-and-run Feb 29; Victim still unidentified, in critical condition, police say is.gd/Mrmiwf
  • nsmcgill Police, state’s atty start financial crime prevention effort to warn #PG seniors about scammers is.gd/Uh4sfb by Erich Wagner
  • ABC7News A Laurel Army vet is indicted for allegedly attempting to help a Al-Shabaab, a terrorist organization. wj.la/x7oN69
  • LaurelPatch A #Laurel man is indicted by federal jury for trying to provide material support to a terrorist group.
  • ABC7News A Brandywine woman was arrested for falsely claiming she had been the victim of a kidnapping and abduction. wj.la/z5SEGD
    • PGCBlogging Brandywine's finest fakes her own kidnapping to avoid being charged with a crime. Duh? pgcblog.com/?p=3106
    • Baynet: Charles County Sheriff's Detectives Charge Brandywine Woman in Abduction Hoax is.gd/HNrDpz
    • Gazette: Police say Brandywine woman lied about Jan. kidnapping is.gd/fktEaz
  • KateRyanWTOP PGFD asks for info:“@PGFDPIO: $1,000 reward for info leading to arrest of arsonist that injured seven firefighters... facebook.com/permalink.php?…” 
  • PGNewsWashPost Prince George’s County crime report wapo.st/xxrFCW
  • RochelleReports Frmr soldier from laurel indicted for attempting to provide material support to foreign terrorist group. Craig Baxam faces 15 yrs. in prison
  • RochelleReports #PGFD offers $1,000 reward for info leading to arrest of arsonist in Riverdale house fire that injured 7 #PGCounty firefighters last month.
Corruption, Scandals and Ethics Reform:
  • Karen R. Toles
    • ben_giles According to PG county code, anyone with 6 or more points on their license is barred from using county-owned vehicles anyway.
    • ben_giles After her latest citation, Toles could have 9 points on her license, enough for a suspension. 
    • LaurelPatch Did PG Councilwoman Karen Toles deserve the additional citation and $510 fine for speeding? patch.com/A-rxwh
    • postlocal Karen Toles, Prince George’s council member, is charged with reckless driving wapo.st/xFev6O
    • RochelleReports #PGCounty Councilwoman Karen Toles will speak to media @ 3:45p on her recent reckless driving citation related to Feb. 22 traffic stop.
    • RochelleReports #PGCounty Councilmember Karen Toles will hold a press conference to address reckless driving charges related to her Feb. 22 traffic stop.
    • DCExaminerLocal: P.G. County Council extends punishment for councilwoman who was issued a reckless driving citation bit.ly/w59r0b
    • DanieljGross One of the shortest press conferences I've ever been to. #Toles #PGCounty
    • DanieljGross CM Toles asks all those concerned to "reserve judgment and allow the legal process to run its course."
    • News8NewsTalk In brief statement to reporters, Prince George's CM Karen Toles says she "sincerely regrets" that her actions have become a "distraction."
    • News8NewsTalk Chief Magaw said Toles "was fine" when she was hit w/reckless driving, but her 'don't prejudge me' stance suggests a possible court fight.
    • ggwash RT @tomsherwood: PG's Toles says speeding issue a "distraction." Same word Barry used on ethics. Behavior is not a distraction, it's basic.
    • ben_giles CM Karen Toles hosted a presser about 30 minutes ago. Only tweeting it now because there's absolutely nothing new to report.
    • ben_giles Toles apologized, said she takes the reckless driving citation "very seriously," but gave no indication of what she plans to do.
    • ben_giles Toles could challenge reckless driving charges or pay the fine - meaning there would be enough points on her license to suspend it.
    • ben_giles Anyway, all Toles really did was ask folks to respect the legal process and let it runs its course. Refused to take any questions.
    • realpgcounty County Councilwoman Toles makes a statement indicating she plans to fight new ticket from @PGPDNEWS
    • ben_giles Prince George's CM Karen Toles apologizes, doesn't say what she'll do about reckless driving charges. bit.ly/ytnFd8
    • postlocal Pr. George’s council member again apologizes for alleged reckless driving, saying she takes charges "very seriously" wapo.st/wUvvII
    • ABC7News Watch the full Prince George's County councilwoman Karen Toles' press conference. wj.la/Aub9Sr
    • DanieljGross In case you missed yesterday's events: CM Toles apologizes for driving incident’s ‘distraction’ to county business bit.ly/ytc2O8
    • CBSWashDC P.G. County Councilwoman Karen Toles Apologizes For Speeding Incident cbsloc.al/xbmEH7
    • ABC7News ICYMI: Karen Toles issued another apology last night over her Capital Beltway reckless driving charge. wj.la/Aub9Sr
    • ben_giles Prince George's lawmakers want to avoid a repeat of Leslie Johnson's late resignation. bit.ly/wntuWi
    • PGCBlogging YET another story on Karen Toles on @abc7news8 Nothing on #CountyExecLeopold & his sexcapades, security detail abuse: pgcblog.com/?p=3095
    • PGCBlogging Is the media afraid to cover County Exec. Leopold story? I'm sick of seeing Karen Toles: pgcblog.com/?p=3095
  • Leslie Johnson
  • MDPolicy . @mmossburg: There are two sets of rules -- one for us, and one for those in the gov. ow.ly/9vE9z
  • MDPolicy Seriously a no-brainer: forcing legislators from office after they're found guilty of a crime. ow.ly/9x4hu 
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  • PGD9Politico I just received a call from a DC Building Trades rep who wanted to transfer me to Sen. Miller to voice support for gambling at Natl Harbor..
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