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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (5 & 6 Mar 2012)

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PG Taxers
  • Authorize bag tax by overriding county charter and voters 
    • Post: Prince George’s County moves forward with 5-cent tag on disposable plastic and paper bags is.gd/TRn4TP #PGTaxers
    • nbcwashington: Bag tax getting closer in Pr. George's County bit.ly/wenBiD #PGTaxers
    • RochelleReports #PrinceGeorge's could be the next County in Metro area to add a disposable bag tax. State & local leaders in support of bill. #PGTaxers
    • CBSWashDC Prince George’s Could Add 5-Cent Bag Tax, Much Like D.C. And Montgomery County cbsloc.al/ycA4OP
    • ben_giles A favorable vote from PG's House Delegation clears the way for the county to establish a bag tax. bit.ly/wZu44U
    • WTOP ICYMI: #PGCounty could be next to add a disposable bag tax - bit.ly/w47JuJ #MD
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Prince George’s delegates approve Pilot tax waiver bill,Baker’: I WANT A TAX BREAK, TOO!!!... yhoo.it/Acbaol
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: PG Taxers: Prince George's delegates voting to override county's: Is it illegal to overrid... yhoo.it/zQPPfe
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: HB 83: Recall is too hard to write language for and the standards of proof for the reasons... yhoo.it/xRfTGz
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: PG Taxers: Eight Prince George's delegates sponsor bill to raise: WE KEEP REELECTING THEM ... yhoo.it/ycwKIY
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: PG Taxers: Eight Prince George's delegates sponsor bill to raise: From homefinders.com... yhoo.it/wRekms
    • myfoxdc Prince George's Could Add 5-cent Bag Tax fb.me/19QEZB1UB
  • Other taxes
    • PGTaxers: 5 Prince George's Delegates Sponsor New Income Tax on Capital Gains is.gd/rNa8K4 (Frush, Howard, Ivey, Pena-Melnyk, Ross) 
    • PGTaxers: Delegation-sponsored taxes & fees: is.gd/O8YRLa HB895, HB899, HB906
    • PGTaxers: Sen. Jim Rosapepe (D-21) is.gd/k2cg3z SB269, SB735
    • PGTaxers: Del. Ben Barnes (D-21) is.gd/kchpiX HB161, HB229, HB784, HB941, HB1153
    • PGTaxers: Del. Barbara Frush (D-21) is.gd/HLiEvX HB161, HB446, HB784, HB941, HB956, HB1072, HB1153, HB1204, HB1411
    • PGTaxers: Del. Joseline Pena-Melnyk (D-21) is.gd/9oynjP HB941, HB956, HB1153
    • PGTaxers: Sen. Paul Pinsky (D-22) is.gd/LUOw1K SB240, SB269, SB635, 
    • PGTaxers: Del. Tawanna Gaines (D-22) is.gd/xcs65J HB446, HB784, HB836, HB941, HB1153  
    • PGTaxers: Del. Anne Healey (D-22) is.gd/xneOjJ HB784, HB836, HB941, HB1204 
    • PGTaxers: Del. Justin Ross (D-22) is.gd/ewF2FO HB784, HB836, HB918, HB941, HB 956, HB1153, HB1388 
    • PGTaxers: Sen. Joanne Benson (D-24) is.gd/PYkyMr SB269
    • PGTaxers: Del. Tiffany Alston (D-24) is.gd/pqNuKh No tax or fee increase bills 
    • PGTaxers: Del. Carolyn J.B. Howard (D-24) is.gd/pKgOXg HB784, HB836, HB918, HB956 
    • PGTaxers: Del. Michael Vaughn (D-24) is.gd/spfo9Y HB784, HB1153
    • PGTaxers: Del. Jolene Ivery (D-47) is.gd/jTzrL9 HB784, HB826, HB918, HB956, HB1153, HB1222
      County Government and Politics
      • melcouncil9 District 9 in the news. Feb. Community Mtg: tinyurl.com/7nbyzy5 and tinyurl.com/83upfgy. Right to Farm bill: tinyurl.com/7cywx77.
      • CollegePrkPatch County council members will discuss budget wish list at North College Park Citizens Assoc. meeting Thursday. patch.com/B-BL8
      • PGCCouncilMedia Co. Council meets tomorrow, March 6 @ 10am in Council Hearing Rm, 1st floor-CAB, Upper Marlboro. Watch session live… stream.princegeorgescountymd.gov/LoadBalance1
      • CountyExecBaker Here's a great story in @ABC7News about how the County's "Buy Suitland" program is helping to revitalize the community: ow.ly/9tkpy
      • Karen R. Toles
        • DanieljGross Update on the status of Co. Councilwoman Karen Toles after police begin investigation into traffic violation: gazette.net/article/201203…
        • PGPDJulie 3:30 at #PGPD headquarters: Announcement of Executive Review Panel findings on Council Member #Traffic Stop. NFD
        • LaurelPatch #PGCounty councilwoman Karen Toles issued a citation for reckless driving - via @SegravesWTOP (Orig. story: 2/28 bit.ly/A8D5oo)
        • nbcwashington RT @cmartinez400: PG Councilwoman Karen Toles has been issued a second ticket this one for reckless driving.
        • ben_giles RT @SegravesWTOP: PG council member was issued citation by police chief today for reckless driving. 
        • ben_giles Enough to suspend her license. RT @SegravesWTOP: The reckless driving and previous unsafe lane change citation carry total of 8 points. 
        • WTOP #PGCounty CM Karen Toles is fined $510 & 6 points for reckless driving citation - via @SegravesWTOP (Accused of driving 105mph on Beltway) 
        • ben_giles MT @SegravesWTOP: PGPD Chief Magaw says officer on scene did not make a mistake by not issuing CM Toles the additional ticket at the time. 
        • PGPDJulie #PGPD issued a reckless driving citation to Council Member Toles this aft. Her attorney was present. 
        • ben_giles Sped 105mph on Capital Beltway Feb. 22 MT @PGPDJulie: #PGPD issued reckless driving citation to CM Toles this aft. Her attorney was present. 
        • PGPDJulie #Chief Magaw: ..."officer on the scene did not make a mistake." Dept had benefit of time, hindsight, evidence to write reckless ticket. 
        • ben_giles MT @PGPDJulie: Magaw: "officer on the scene did not make a mistake." Dept had benefit of time, hindsight, evidence to write reckless ticket.
        • DanieljGross Results from PGPD review: Councilwoman Toles issued a more than $500 ticket today for reckless driving. Her license now facing suspension.
        • PGPDJulie Definition of reckless driving: Wanton & willful disregard for safety of persons & property. #traffic #princegeorge's 
        • DanieljGross PGPD executive review panel overturns decision to issue warning to CM Toles for excessive speeding. More at gazette.net soon. 
        • LaurelPatch PGPD review:Councilwoman Toles issued a more than $500 ticket today for reckless driving. Her license now facing suspension.RT@danieljgross 
        • ben_giles #Correx: 2 citations issued by PGPD for Toles Feb. 22 traffic stop carry 7pts on license (1 for unsafe lane change, 6 for reckless driving). 
        • ben_giles Since PG CM Toles already had 2pts on license from previous citations, she exceeds 8pt threshold to have her license suspended. 
        • PGPDJulie Video/audio related to Council Member Toles' traffic stop can't currently be released. It's evidence in a pending district court case.
        • PGCrimeSolvers Follow us on Twitter @PGCrimeSolvers!
        • MDPolicy Looks like @GovernorOMalley still going to push for higher income taxes (via fewer deductions). ow.ly/9u3PS #MDpolitics #MDtweets
        • CBSWashDC PG Council Member Karen Toles Charged With Reckless Driving, Fined $510 After Panel Review cbsloc.al/A4OG7L
        • darcyspencer @PGPDJulie: Definition of reckless driving: Wanton & willful disregard for safety of persons & property. #traffic #princegeorge's
        • WTOP #PGCounty Councilwoman Karen Toles gets 2nd citation for reckless driving after speeding on the Beltway on 2/22. bit.ly/wc1cpo
        • ben_giles PG Councilwoman Karen Toles cited for reckless driving by PGPD, now faces having her license suspended. bit.ly/AFx5th
        • RochelleReports #PGPD says video/audio related to #PG Councilmembers' traffic stop can't be released yet bc it's evidence pending in district court case. 
        • RochelleReports Attorney for Councilwoman Karen Toles asks public to reserve judgment on her Feb. 22 traffic stop & allow legal process to run its course.
        • PGPDNEWS #PGPD announces Executive Review Panel recommendations: bit.ly/wDv3z3
        • ben_giles The PGPD investigation is over, but with reckless driving charge, CM Karen Toles still banned from her county car, Chair Harrison said.
        • ben_giles "Council Member Toles will have no use of or access to a County assigned vehicle, for her safety and the safety of others." - Chair Harrison
      State Government and Politics
      • mdreporter Today's roundup of news on state government and politics since Friday. #mdpolitics bit.ly/AxKfEZ
      • mdreporter Bill would put thousands of financial disclosure forms online. #mdpolitics bit.ly/yVVUaO
      • MarylandJuice Race to Succeed Mike Miller for Senate President BEGINS NOW // Straw Poll Ballots Trickle In #mdpolitics fb.me/QdqSznga
      • CNSmd Md. Lawmakers Aim to Increase Penalty for Strangulation: cnsne.ws/z8Jlct
      • AnnieLinskey Del. Veronica Turner, the 73rd vote on same-sex marriage, released from hospital, according to House floor announcement.. 
      • Unconstitutional gun law
      • Budget and Taxes:
        • mdchamber RT @substance151: Act now to oppose HB 1051 – taxing professional services in MD! Contact your legislators: ht.ly/9spRL
        • WPJohnWagner O’Malley defends income tax plan in TV appearance wapo.st/ApN3im
          • marylandmoment O’Malley defends income tax plan in TV appearance: Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) pushed back Monday night ag... wapo.st/yT6oWs
        • ben_giles A proposal to tax capital gains in Maryland would have heavy impacts in MontCo, Howard counties. bit.ly/zThLfs
          • ben_giles With some help from PG County and Baltimore, MontCo delegate pitches tax on capital gains for Maryland. bit.ly/zThLfs
        • mdreporter Budget cuts start with funds trimmed from the university system and Medicaid. bit.ly/xOUN22 
        • mdreporter: Public employees rally for wider compulsory unionism, tax hikes for millionaires. bit.ly/wTAW00 
        • AFPMD Just to be clear after Annapolis increased the State budget over $7 billion under O'Malley a $720 million cut... fb.me/1Fz87laPZ
          • CBSWashDC Analysts To Brief Maryland Lawmakers On “Doomsday” Budget cbsloc.al/AqtxZt
          • ben_giles Doomsday Budget talk at the Md. Senate budget committee. Legislative services says "this is our plan B and C."
          • AnnieLinskey Oh! The Doomsday budget suggests cutting the Senate and Delegate scholarships! Saves $11.8 million.
          • AnnieLinskey Baltimore City loses $59 million under the Doomsday budget. PG loses $77 million. Montgomery loses $51 million
          • ben_giles Final tallies for Doomsday budget cuts by county - PG: $77.1 million, Balt. city: $59.7 million, MontCo: $51.3 million.
          • AnnieLinskey Goodbye to GCEI under the Doomsday budget. Ehrlich suggested that during 2010 campaign.
          • ben_giles Big cuts to police aid ($45 million) and higher education ($115.5 million) and K-12 education (3 cuts totaling $204.9 million).
          • MDPolicy MD Senate budget subcommittee making its first round of budget cut recommendations. ow.ly/9u243 
          • ben_giles Md. doomsday budget spells big cuts for education, police aid in Prince George's, MontCo. bit.ly/xKsIaG
          • ben_giles I know, I know, the doomsday budget is kind of depressing. On the bright side, I earned a free coffee today! 
          • mdreporter There's something for everyone to hate in the doomsday budget, which slashes $720m in spending. bit.ly/xBOLWx #mdpolitics
      Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
      • PGD9Politico I agree with Dist9 School Board rep Donna Hathaway-Beck: you need to understand the PGCPS budget process and your role in overseeing it.
      • News_PGCounty New after-school initiative takes aim at fighting outside Central High: tinyurl.com/7colj96
      • josephlkitchen I know this is unlike me but I actually support the federal court ruling yesterday overturning the #MD gun registration ban..
      Business, Transportation and Development

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