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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (21 Nov 2010)

Public Safety
  • PGPD Offers Important Holiday Safety Tips (2925) http://is.gd/hwPBx
  • RT @DCAbloob RT @TBD Police have arrested Marvin Palencia as susp in death of Jacobo Vazquez, whose body was found in box along I-70 last wk
  • RT @DCAbloob arrest warrant was out for Marvin Palencia of Hyattsville regarding death of Jacobo Vazquez whose body discovered last Mon 
  • RT @HyattsvllePatch: #Hyattsville police seek suspects in stabbings http://aol.it/bwJSm4 #Patch 
  • PGPolice: Prince George’s County Police Officer Stabbed; Suspect Arrested (2926) http://is.gd/hyBZo
  • RT @ZoeTillman Gazette Off-duty officer stabbed working 2nd job at Adelphi rest (recovering, susp arrstd), more at http://bit.ly/cDtZEB soon 
  • RT @GreenbeltPatch: Hot off the press, the latest crime report: http://ow.ly/3dm4s
Government & Politics
  • RT @postpolitics: Michael Steele's days appear to be numbered http://wapo.st/9DMQUs
  • Scandals
    • Post: Arrests in Pr. George's probe expose ties between politicians, liquor officials http://is.gd/hwOs5 about 21 hours ago
    • Post: Arrests...politicians, liquor officials http://is.gd/hwOs5 PG's chief liquor inspector also head of the local Democratic Party 
      • One of 5 members of PG Liquor License Comm also on Dem Cent Comm 
      • Liiquor License Comm chairman married to former head of PG Dem Party
      • Another Liquor License Comm member married to Del. Hoawrd (D-24) 
      • Indicted Tick Tock owner paid $3,300 to M. Jackson campaign, $1.500 to R. Baker's 
      • Mentions indicted Sen. Currie, D-25 & license for Shoppers despite community opposition
    • NewsBusters: WaPo Breaking News Blog Omits Disgraced Democratic County Executive's Party Affiliation http://is.gd/hx2yv 
    • NewsBuster: 'Name That Party': AP Adds a Race Card to the Mix in Prince George's Co. Md. Corruption Story http://is.gd/hx2P3 
    • PG Monitor: SPEAK UP AND/OR STAND UP NOW! http://is.gd/hxOpe "demand that the Johnson's step aside NOW!" 
    • AOLnews: $100K Down the Toilet: Scandal Rocks DC Suburb http://is.gd/hysH1 FBI: liquor stor owner gave Johnson $40,000 to fix permit problem
    • Post (C.Milloy): Jack Johnson and my secret Prince George's shame http://is.gd/hzasN
Business, Transportation & Development
Local (Municipalities)
  • RT @CarrollStandard: TSA's security charade http://bit.ly/cXLf2o 
  • RT @WTOP: TSA has met the enemy _ and they are us http://bit.ly/aLyjEW 
  • MSNBC: TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine; 'I was absolutely humiliated,' said bladder cancer survivor http://is.gd/hwXlN 
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Yet More Tales of the TSA (Along with the Line of the Day) http://is.gd/hwXeE 
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Quote of the Day – Security Theater Edition http://is.gd/hwWR8 “TSA Agents Absolutely Hate New Pat Downs, Find Them...“ 
  • PoliPundit: “Heads up, got a cutie for you.” http://is.gd/hx04x What one of Napolitano’s TSA thugs told someone about to see naked girl, 18 
  • MSNBC: Obama: TSA pat-downs frustrating but necessary http://is.gd/hx0Il Easy for him to say since he & his privileged family can evade them 
  • RT @matthewstoller: How about legislation requiring the same 'security' for private jet passengers, like members of Congress (@clairecmc)...
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Yet Another TSA Outrage: Now They’re Strip Searching Children http://is.gd/hx7pY 
  • PoliPundit: Video: TSA Strip-searches Child; What the hell are they doing to that kid??? http://is.gd/hx7h8 
  • HotAir: TSA makes little boy remove shirt during pat down http://is.gd/hxNEP 
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Obama Politically Tone Deaf On TSA Outrage http://is.gd/hxO6E ago
  • RT @postpolitics: TSA chief: No change to pat-down policy http://wapo.st/du2zxP 

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