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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (20 Nov 2010)

Public Safety
Government & Politics
  • WSJ: California Bond Woe Bodes Ill for States http://is.gd/htyF0 (Mentions postponement of $176 million PG bond sales) 
  • PG_Discussion: R. Baker announced 8 transition priorities yesterday, ethics, IG, audits, elim. corruption not on the list http://is.gd/htVow 
  • RT @RiverdalePatch: Campaign signs remain up after deadline: http://patch.com/A-cmP9 
  • Scandals
    • RT @PGD9Politico Thank you @Mel4Council - 3 elected officials join call for Johnsons to step aside now http://t.co/ViPVbBd via @washingtonpost
    • WTOP: The key players in Prince George's County corruption http://is.gd/htrHw Names 11 individuals 
    • Post (Colbert King): In Prince George's, corruption's long shadows http://is.gd/htrX6 "How long has the rot been festering, and why has ..." 
    • Post: Give up posts, more tell Johnsons http://is.gd/htvyA 
    • FrederickNewsPost: They did what? "It's one of those cases that leave us wondering 'What were they thinking?'" http://is.gd/htx75 
    • LaurelLeader: PG legislators say Johnsons' charges won't affect General Assembly session; Miller calls for tougher ... http://is.gd/htxmc 
    • PoliceOne.com: Corrupt DC-area cops and businesses indicted; Chief is "outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonst..." http://is.gd/htxsb 
    • MarylandMorning (WYPR): 11-22-10: The Eternal Cycle of Corruption and Reform http://is.gd/htywN 
    • FBI: FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending November 19, 2010 http://is.gd/htz2z PG arrests: http://is.gd/htz7r
    • GreenbeltPatch: Prince George's Legislators Say Johnsons' Charges Won't Affect Spring Session http://is.gd/hueEj 
    • PrinceGeorgian (JPThompson): Prince George’s County MD, District 6 & the Future http://is.gd/huRdW stunned, dismayed, embarrassed, outraged 
    • npr: Corruption Charges Disturb Residents In Md. County http://is.gd/huzpj 
    • RT @nhagerwtop: Reading @AP Brian Witte's writethru on the #JackJohnson corruption case in Prince George's County. A thorough summation. 
  • Gazette: Hite anticipates another round of budget cuts; Educ. advocates say loss of stimulus funding could severely ... http://is.gd/htvPU
  • Assoc. Baptist Press: County, church settle lawsuit over Christian school http://is.gd/htyhq (Riverdale Baptist expansion into AA County)
Business, Transportation & Development
  • Post (Marcus Afzali): Will U-Md.'s new president get on board the Purple Line? http://is.gd/htxPd
  • NBCWashington: Va. Town Welcomes Salvation Army Bell Ringers; mayor opens town to them after Giant cracked down http://is.gd/htzBs 
  • RT @WTOP: Giant's limit on bell ringers could hurt fund raising http://bit.ly/b8IBZH 
  • RT @terabithia4: Now you can't even bring snow globes in carry-on luggage anymore. Seriously? #wecanthavenicethings #travel 
  • NBCWashington: Holiday Travel: Millions of people about to experience the TSA's full body scans and pat downs 1st hand http://is.gd/htzQO
  • OutsideTheBeltway: TSA Forces Cancer Survivor (US Airways Stewardess) To Show Prostestic Breast http://is.gd/htAdp
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Privatize The TSA? http://is.gd/huevJ 
  • Who'sYourNanny: Why Scaredy Cats Make Us All Less Safe http://is.gd/hufvx 
  • PoliPundit: How To Profile Without Being Racist http://is.gd/hufi7 Here's how Israel does it: http://is.gd/hufmV
  • OutsideTheBeltway: Ron Paul: Prosecute TSA Agents for Groping http://is.gd/huf8a

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