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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sheriff Jackson on the Calvo raid

This is a list of reports about Sheriff Michael Jackson's statement on the 29 Jul 2008 raid on the home of Mayor Calvo of Berwyn Heights.  The Sheriff's full statement and press release do not appear to be online--the most recent press release posted by the Office of the Sheriff on the county web site is dated 18 Oct 2007.

I will have additional comments on the Sheriff's investigation later, but I would note now that:
  • The "investigation"  simply repeats the story from Sheriff Jackson's previous statements .
  • Sheriff Jackson apparently does not believe that the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions, which he swore to follow, contain rules that govern his department's behavior, and
  • This was NOT an independent investigation but rather one where the government organization and public officials are attempting to absolve themselves of wrongdoing.  I find the Sheriff's statement about as convincing as any statement by any accused criminal claiming innocence.

Prince George's County Sheriff's Department Delcares Itself Blame-Free in Cheye Calvo Raid.
Reason Online, 20 Jun 2009 (Balko).
Police and county officials have since admitted that Calvo and his family are innocent. But they stubbornly refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing, ...
 MAYOR RAIDED Report: Deputies broke no rules in raid .
WMDT, 19 Jun 2009
An internal review from the Prince George's County sheriff's office says deputies acted appropriately during a raid in which they killed two dogs belonging ...
Sheriff Says Deputies 'Did Their Job'; Review Finds No Wrongdoing in SWAT Raid That Killed Dogs.
Post, 19 Jun 2009 (Davis ).
The Prince George's County sheriff's office has concluded that deputies did nothing wrong when they charged into the home of the mayor of ...
Dog-Killing Deputies Broke No Rules in Raid at Mayor's House.
NBC Washington, 19 Jun 2009
Last summer, police raided the home and killed the dogs of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo after drug smugglers sent a package containing 32 pounds of ...
Report: Raid that killed dogs was 'acceptable'.
Associated Press, ‎Jun 19, 2009 ‎
Police later cleared Calvo and his family of any wrongdoing. The Internal Affairs Division of the Prince George's County sheriff said in a report released ...
Report: Deputies Broke No Rules In Raid.
WJZ, 19 Jun 2009 (Syeed, AP).
"This sends a chilling message that this is how they do business in Prince George's County." In addition, Calvo said law enforcement agencies have refused ...
Report clears deputies in raid on mayor's home.
WTOP, 19‎ Jun 2009 (Guadalupe ).
In July of 2008, Prince George's County Sheriff's deputies and SWAT teams raided the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo in a case of mistaken identity ...
Sheriff says deputies were justified in shooting mayor's dogs; Police release findings of investigation into Berwyn Heights raid in July 2008.
Gazette, 19 Jun 2009 (Valentine).
Prince George's County Sheriff Michael Jackson said Friday deputies acted "in a professional and acceptable manner" when ...
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