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Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling 'Threatened' as They Broke Into the Home, Police Opened Fire

(Posted 25 Aug 2008)

Feeling 'Threatened' as They Broke Into the Home, Police Opened Fire.
LewRockwell.com, 25 Aug 2008 (Vin Suprynowicz).
Also at The Militant Libertarian
Cops in Prince George’s County, Maryland, have a proud tradition to maintain. In May, a former county officer was sentenced to 45 years in prison for shooting two furniture delivery men at his home last year, one of them fatally. (He claims they attacked him.)

In June, a suspect jailed in the death of a local police officer was found strangled in his cell. Authorities have no idea how that could have happened.
* * *
Prince George’s County police Chief Melvin High defends the way the raid was conducted, saying the dogs were killed because the officers felt “threatened.” 
There’s a fresh excuse. One wonders if it might not be possible to recruit and train a few police officers who – suited up in bullet-resistant SWAT gear and brandishing loaded shotguns and assault rifles – could manage not to feel “threatened,” ALL the time. 

Alternatively, perhaps the officers would feel less “threatened” if they stopped breaking into people’s houses and handcuffing them in their underwear on suspicion of possessing 30 pounds of controlled vegetables. 
* * *
It’s only government agents who can engage with impunity in that kind of violence and terror. 
* * *
At the very least, any dogs belonging to those shooters should be taken away and offered for adoption into the homes of non-dog-killers. As for the officer’s children, let’s not be extreme: Perhaps it would be enough for Child Welfare workers to stop by their homes unannounced, once a month for the next few years … just to check. 

After all, who knows when these violent men will next feel “threatened”? [Full posting]

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