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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mark Anderson: No, SIX PG council members show their contempt for the voters

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I would say six members care not about their constituents - with the sixth member showing the most disdain of the voters by his impotence.

Council Vice Chair Tom Dernoga could have voted for the bill - if he thought the current condition of the county's finances merited a tax increase to stave-off the Jack's prediction of calamity.

Tom Dernoga could have voted against the bill - even if he thought he should do otherwise since his "No" vote would not have affected the outcome.  Or he could have opposed raising taxes and voted to prove it.

Instead, Tom sticks his head in the sand (or somewhere else) and hopes it all goes away.  By abstaining, Tom makes the worst possible decision for the people of Laurel who elected him their representative on the Council.  He not only saddles these citizens with a potential property tax increase, but he silences the voters who elected him to serve.  Tom decides to dis-serve twice in one abstention.

Why?  Ask Tom.  His job is to participate and vote on Council.  He failed at that Tuesday.

So add Tom Dernoga to your list of Contemptuous Council members.
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