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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Five PG council members show their contempt for the voters and the county charter

Following the lead of Jack Johnson and betraying the voters who elected them, five members of the county council have shown their contempt for the voters by supporting tax increases prohibited by the county charter.

The will of the people, and the rule of law apparently means nothing to these five tax-hungry despots (all Democrats). They knew the provisions of the county charter and the legal options for raising taxes when they ran for office, and when they took thair oaths of office.

But, being unrwilling to abide by the law, and live up to the trust of the voters, they have now appealed to a higher authority to permit them to steal money from us in a manner not allowed under county law.

Who are these five betrayers?

Council chair, Marilynn Bland (D-9).
Bland has a history of playing with taxpayers money--she used it to pay for a family vacation back when she was a member of the school board.
Tel: (301) 952-3820
Fax: (301) 952-5275

Samuel H. Dean (D-6).
Phone: (301) 952-3426
Fax: (301) 301-952.4351
TTY: (301) 925-5167

Camille Exum (D-7).
 Exum used a county credit card improperly for personal expenses during her current term.
Phone: (301) 952-3690

Andrea Harrison (D-5).
Harrison is the newest member of the council.
Phone: (301) 952-3864
Fax: (301) 952-5885

Ingrid Turner (D-4). Another new member of the council.
Phone:(301) 952-3094
Fax: (301) 952-4910
Email: IMTurner@co.pg.md.us 

Council Votes to Pursue Property Tax Increase.
Post, 11 Feb 2009 (Wiggins).

(Posted 11 Feb 2009)

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