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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why is school CEO Maxwell NOT on administrative leave.

In the last chapter of Orwell's Animal Farm, the sign that once read "All animals are equal" has been changed to "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."  That seems to apply to disciplinary actions in the Prince George's County school system.

According to the Washington Post and other sources, over 800 Prince George's school employees have been placed on administrative leave, with little or no due process, little opportunity to defend themselves, based in many cases on the flimsiest of charges, even charges that are obviously untrue or ridiculous.

The Post cites examples of cases where employees have not been allowed to return to their positions even after they have been cleared of all charges.  In one case cited a counselor was suspended for not reporting an event he did not witness because he was on leave at the time.  Even though he has since been cleared he has not been allowed to return to duty.

Now we have the system and its top administrators, including CEO Maxwell and deputy superintendent Davis accused of a number of things including changing grades, promoting and graduating unqualified students, and threatening to arrest an elected school board member.

considering how quickly the system takes action against employees generally, why aren't Maxwell, Davis and others on administrative leave pending investigation of the charges against them?

Are they exempt from application of the policies they have established and applied to their subordinates?

Apparently so.  Given the gravity of the charges being made, one would expect them to be subject to at least the same level of sanctions they impose on others.

It is unfortunate that neither they, nor the politicians responsible for hiring them, are willing to abide by the standards they apply to subordinates.

Clearly some Prince George's​ ​educators are more equal than others, and the politicians who appointed them are comfortable with the double standard.

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