Daily "Recent Prince George's County News" updates were suspended in early March 2016. They were compiled primarily from retweets of news headlines. Those retweets continue, but in unformatted and unarchived form at PG-Politics-Briefs. To follow such headlines on a current basis, follow @pgpolitics on Twitter.


D. C. Russell is the pseudonym of a former long time observer of politics in Prince George's County.

Senior citizen, lived less than a mile from the DC line for over 52  years. Libertarian, fiscally conservative, socially moderate, strong believer in the rule and consistent application of law, and increasingly distrustful of career politicians, big government and government secrecy. Appalled by the crime and status of education in Prince George's County and by the willingness of voters to retain in office the lying, corrupt, and even criminal public officials responsible.

Note: From April 2012 to April 2018, D.C. Russell was semi-retired, with limited blogging, and had turned routine moderation of the PG-Politics mailing lists over to volunteers. For more information, see Changes to PG-Politics Blog and Mailing List.

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