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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rushern Baker for Governor???

Baker promised not to raise taxes. He lied.

Baker promised to never allow any form of gambling in Prince George's County. He lied.

Baker promised to not make another attempt to take over the schools. He lied.

Baker promised to work to bring transit across the Wilson Bridge to National Harbor. After seven years he finally pushed for a bus route.

Baker claims to be FOR Transit Oriented Development, but most of the development he brags about has limited or no transit service.

Meanwhile, he has accomplished nothing significant to improve development around existing Metro stations like Capitol Heights, Naylor Road and Southern Avenue.

Numerous Safeways and Giants have closed on his watch, replaced by substandard stores and empty storefronts.

During Baker's term the area in St. Mary's County around the Pax River Naval Air Station has seen significant positive development including a myriad of restaurant choices. but the equivalent Prince George's County area around Joint Base Andrews remains a food desert with no quality restaurant or retail development.

Numerous stores have closed in places like the BLVD and Bowie Town Center that PG pols formerly bragged about.

Baker brags about fixing the schools, but whenever Baker had interfered with the schools there have been serious problems.  The first appointed board he pushed for saw the CEO go to federal prison for corruption and one of the top assistants go to federal prison for drug money laundering. The current scandal-plagued administration, headed by a crony appointed by Baker and his brother-in-law choice for school board chair, is top heavy, has had financial scandals, lost millions of federal money through mismanagement, has kiddie porn and child abuse problems, has suspended over 800 employees without any real due process, depriving children of a stable educational environment and spending a fortune on substitutes, and now is under fire for questionable grading practices,

I didn't see anything in his announcement bragging about how he cut trash collection.

And Baker seems to forget that his county had one of the highest foreclosure rates on his watch. If real estate prices are up now, it is because they dropped so fast during his first term.

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