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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Question: What info is available comparing PG expenses/benefits to other counties?

We know from various reports that:
  • Prince George's County has the highest tax burden among DC-area suburbs.
  • Prince George's schools spend well above the average per student, but get close to the worst results.​ ​
​So, how does Prince George's County compare in other areas?  For example:
  • How much does Prince George's compare to other counties on the average expenditure average to process a building permit request?  And how does the burden on the applicant compare to the burden imposed by other counties?
  • How many miles of roads, curbs, and sidewalks are maintained by Prince George's County, and how does the per-mile cost of that maintenance compare to similar activities by other nearby counties?
  • How much does Prince George's spend per senior citizen on services directed at seniors and the aging, and how does that per capita spending compare to other counties?
  • How many hangers-on are in Rushern Baker's immediate office and entourage, and how does that compare to other counties?
  • How many levels of managers and deputies does Prince George's County have between the county executive and the average lowest level worker--road maintainer, permit issuer, inspector, data entry operator, etc., and how does that compare to other counties?
Does anyone have a source for department by department or service by service comparisons?

In their 2010 "Pledge for Prince George's County" Rushern Baker, Mel Franklin, Mary Lehman, Derrick Davis, and others, promised (among other things):
We Pledge the creation of a plan for greater coordination of the entire Prince George's County government with the school system for accelerating improvements in our schools and greater efficiency where possible;
We Pledge to have an independent evaluation, analysis, and audit of Prince George's County revenue and expenditures, to determine if there are more effective financial systems and practices, which can relieve the burden on property owners, while matching income with population growth and required delivery of services;
There is no evidence that those promises have been kept.  How can Baker now ask for a huge tax increase after doing little or nothing to actually coordinate county and school activities and after failing to complete the "independent evaluation, analysis, and audit" that would determine whether any increase is actually warranted?
Note that the "Pledge" website has been removed--perhaps they don't want the public to find their broken promises--but there is a copy here.

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