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Saturday, December 29, 2012

P.G. bill would require turf fields at all high schools

As you may recall, the 2012 session of the General ASSembly played around with trivia for ninety days, never finished its work on time, and went on to waste more of our money in two special sessions.

Now our General ASSembly members are starting out with more nonsense, like this artificial turf bill and some nutty plan to have a state sandwich.

And anti-democrat Del. Valentino-Smith is planning another attack on our right to elect a school board.  She apparently believes that the voters are too dumb to be trusted to elect school board members, but smart enough to be allowed to elect her.  Unfortunately, her position, along with her bill and her attitude, seem to indicate the the voters are too stupid to be trusted to elect any of these people.  The fact that the voters elected Valentino-Smith tends to prove their incompetence.

What we need as a study of how General ASSembly members are selected, and of the corruption and criminal behavior infesting Annapolis before looking at the school board yet again. 

Do not forget that one of our Prince George's County delegates is gone, having been convicted of crimes, probably to be replaced by a gunslinging drug thug, and that Valentino-Smith and her colleagues in the House of Delegates have kept a law-breaker in the majority leader position despite his crime.

And I wonder how much the sponsors of the artificial turf bill have taken in "campaign contributions" from the makers of artificial turf and their lobbyists. 

On Fri, Dec 28, 2012 at 2:59 PM, Marcy Canavan <marcy.canavan@gmail.com> wrote:

Maybe the legislature should straighten out the other statewide issues, some of which are important, before trying to usurp the ELECTED Board of Education's decision making.

I am not always happy with decisions the local BOE makes, but the state should not be stepping in to REQUIRE the BOE to spend money on artifical turf which might better be spent on other things, like teachers, classrooms, books, etc.

And when the state and county do their jobs in such areas as providing internet service to all Marylanders, THEN they can start meddling over high school athletics.
C'mon, boys and girls, surely you have more pressing concerns to deal with in the legislature.  If not, give me a call and I can suggest some.

From Marcy Canavan

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