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Thursday, March 22, 2012

School Board Candidates

Back during the 2006 election season, I offered to publicize BOE candidates through the PG-Politics blog and mailing list.  Most candidates responded. Even though I was out of town for much of the campaign, I maintained what amounted to an online voters guide with information about the candidates and about their campaign events.  Although I didn't endorse specific candidates, I did post a table showing which I thought were acceptable and which I opposed.

I made the same offer in 2010, received a smaller, but still adequate response, and posted the same type of information as in 2006.

I made the same offer again this year and received a response from only one campaign..  Nevertheless, I began posting information about the candidates as they filed for office..  My followup messages asking for additional information and schedules of campaign events were ignored. Filling out forms on campaign websites produced absolutely no results. As a result, I have stopped attempting to post information about campaign events and am no longer updating the pages I posted.  I will not be posting endorsements publicly this year, but will answer private messages about my preferences.  I do not support any candidate in district 7--the incumbent has suggested that I should move out of the county.

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