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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Casino at Rosecroft: IF AND ONLY IF developer funds ALL costs, including roads and transit

Seems to me that Rosecroft would be a good place for a casino IF AND ONLY IF the developers, not the taxpayers, fund necessary road and transit improvements.

If private investors want to build a casino they ought to be willing to fund the necessary infrastructure.  In the case of Rosecroft, they should fund

(1) ramps that go directly from the Beltway to parking, with no access from distant locations via local streets, and

(2) the light rail line from Branch Avenue to the Oxon Hill area that was contemplated in the 2008 Branch Avenue COrridor Plan, AND fund coninuing it via National Harbor and the Wilson Bridge to King Street. 

If private investors are unwilling to make the necessary investment in infrastructure, it would be because it is a bad investement.

And if the taxpayers are suckered into paying for the infrastructue, the government should get an equity stake eqal to the infrastructure share of the entire total cost to everyoneof buidling the whole project.

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