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Friday, March 30, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (30 Mar 2012)

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Gory Prince George's
Public Safety (including public corruption)
  • CNSmd Winners and Losers if a Mammoth Casino Comes to National Harbor:
  • bbjonline Prince George's casino may put dent in Baltimore’s future gaming dollars (sub reqd)
  • ben_giles Gambling bill briefing ended with heated exchange between Baker and Del. Griffith, who said slots are the crack cocaine of gambling.
  • ben_giles Rushern Baker, Gaylord and Peterson Cos. reps, Anne Arundel County officials, and labor unions all present. #mdpolitics
  • ben_giles Packed room for the Prince George's County House delegation briefing on the gambling bill. #mdpolitics (more)
  • WPJohnWagner Plenty of talk about Prince George’s casino bill
Taxes (and finance)
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Re: Baker Proposes Tens of Millions of Dollars for Street Lights & S: If the concern surrounds...
  • MDPolicy Quick hits: MD may be tripling tax credits for R&D; Public-private partnership bill passes House.
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Re: Baker Proposes Tens of Millions of Dollars for Street Lights & S:
  • MDPolicy The #GasTax is front and center, but there's plenty more going on in our legislature.
  • GazPolitics Statewide ballot questions piling up
  • ben_giles The PG County estimated revenue ($48.3 million) does not include local taxes, like property and amusement. #mdpolitics
  • ben_giles "Every year," Rushern Baker comments on the $48.3 million. #mdpolitics
  • ben_giles Legislative services estimates Prince George's would get $48.3 million annually from casino and net taxable income beginning in fiscal 2016.
  • ben_giles Baker gets laughs for asking legislative rep to repeat PG County's benefit to Net Taxable Income changes ($13.3 million annually)
  • gazette_net: Experts say school funding bill alters county relations with state, school boards Officials: Mai...
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  PG Taxers: House vote on final passage of SB 848: Only B. Frush & J. Pena-Melnyk voted Nay
  • DCExaminerLocal New fees for an offshore wind farm win a tentative OK in the Maryland House
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  PG Taxers: House vote on final passage of SB 848: Senate Bill 848 , dishonestly titled as "Mai...
  • PGCountyScoop Rushern Baker vows to find the money to make safety upgrades in Prince George's County |… via @TBD
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Re: SB848, TRIM REPEAL CAN BE STOPPED - CALL GOVERNOR: Entry level nursing salaries start at 3...
Other Government
  • MDPolicy Paid lobbyists are calling this the toughest session they've seen. Is that a good thing?
  • PGCCouncilMedia CM Obie Patterson, D-8, will host Community Mtg 2morow, March 31, @ 11am, at Oxon Hill Library, 6200 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill, Maryland.
  • PGCCouncilMedia Bowie St. Marc Station Development Board meets April 2 @ 1:30 pm in M-NCPPC Community Planning Division,14422 Old Mill Rd, Upper Marlboro.
  • PGCCouncilMedia Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZED) will meet on Wednesday, April 4 @ 1:30 pm, Rm 2027 of the CAB in Upper Marlboro.
  • PGCCouncilMedia HEHS Cancelled – the Council’s Committee on Health, Education and Human Services (HEHS) scheduled for April 5, 2012 has been cancelled.
  • aapyles Offshore wind bill passes in Md. House, 88-47 with one excused. Senate version of bill is in committee still. #mdsession12
  • MattBushMD #MDHouse passes offshore #windpower bill. Heads to Senate
  • PKBNews For few secs, MD House became UK House of Commons with McDermott saying Davis had head in his desk & doesn't believe in the wind bill
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Baker Proposes Tens of Millions of Dollars for Street Lights & Sidew: Go to Channel 8 website ...
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Re: Prince George's Piggyback Income Tax - Highest in State: Believe me, I understand, it is t...
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Call Governor about SB848 - We also supply cars for council members: We also supply new cars /...
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Re: MOCO vs Prince Georges Property Tax Rates: Are you listening to what you are saying. Becau...
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  Rushern Baker Announces Multi-Million Infrastructure Spend: Has anyone seen this announcement ...
  • aapyles Bill that would mandate evaluation of 8 tax breaks in Md. Passes Senate 45-0. House bill would mandate review of 31 breaks 
  • GazPolitics Statewide ballot questions piling up
  • GazPolitics Busy General Assembly session for lobbyists
  • pgpolitics (Mail List)  A New Era in Government: Peace & Blessings, We have a tool now. Let's use it to our advantage...
Big Brother and Privacy

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