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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (28 & 29 Mar 2012)

Public Safety
Corruption, Scandals and Ethics Reform:
2012 Elections
PG Gambling
    County Government and Politics
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Is it time for a Recall LAW ?: Question to the group Is it time to Partition the People to put... yhoo.it/Hb7BFr
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: [PrinceGeorges_Discussion] Is it time for a Recall LAW ?: At first glance ... yhoo.it/HcLcFq 
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Fwd: [PrinceGeorges_Discussion] Is it time for a Recall LAW ?: ... From: Nordhorn For Prince G... yhoo.it/HcLc8z
      • News8NewsTalk Live at 10am on NewsChannel 8: Is Prince George's County's tax cap history? We'll ask activist Judy Robinson and reporter @mirandawashpost.
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: SB848, TRIM REPEAL CAN BE STOPPED - CALL GOVERNOR: Letter I am sending to every senior, civic,... yhoo.it/He330T
      • tbd247 Is TRIM in peril?; HIV testing; Metro expansion tbd.ly/HsARmJ
      • News8NewsTalk Is the Maryland legislature getting ready to do an end-run around local property tax caps, like TRIM? Our discussion: tbd.ly/HslEn9
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Prince George's Piggyback Income Tax - Highest in State: ...
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Prince George's Piggyback Income Tax - Highest in State: ...
    • PGCCouncilMedia CM Eric Olson D-3, hosts Town Hall Mtg 2morow, March 29, from 6:30-8:30 pm, Parkdale High School Auditorium, 6001 Good Luck Rd, Riverdale.
    • PGCCouncilMedia Council Member Obie Patterson, D-8, hosts Community Mtg on Saturday, March 31, 11a.m., @ Oxon Hill Library, 6200 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill.
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Fwd: [pgpubliced] Judge Asked to Hold Rodney Taylor, others, in Cont: ... From: Timothy W. Saf... yhoo.it/HoUDkE
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Baker appointees win nod from Prince George?s Council: washingtonpost.com/blogs/mar... yhoo.it/Hkp3B7 .
    State Government and Politics
    Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
    • PGCBlogging DC's mayor wants to flood the city with speed cameras to raise funds for the city. Great way to guarantee I'll shop/dine elsewhere
    • PGCrimeSolvers Forest Heights adding surveillance cameras to town’s high-crime areas fb.me/1B55wKGHG
    • PGPDJulie #Traffic alert: new speed cameras both ways at Robert Gray Elementary. 4900 blk Addison Rd...
    Business, Transportation and Development
    Local (Municipalities)

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