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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (26 & 27 Mar 2012)

Public Safety
Corruption, Scandals and Ethics Reform:
2012 Elections
PG Gambling
  • RethinkCP Maryland Senate Panel OK's expanded Gambling Plan, Bill would allow Pr. George's Casino: goo.gl/JQR8k via @gazette_net
  • MDPolicy MD also considering adding another #slots casino, literally on VA's doorstep. ow.ly/9Sz40
  • Bay Net: Proposed Virginia Casino Would Benefit Charles County is.gd/HQ3o6U (Colonial Beach)
  • ben_giles Debate on gambling bill that could bring a casino to PG County has begun in the Senate.
  • ben_giles Sen. Muse: 1/3 of slots revenue now goes to operators. Bill gives them half of slots money. Poor message to taxed residents.
  • ben_giles Sen. Peters: We're expanding the pool w/ 6th site, so state will bring in more money. Want to make attractive offer to bidders.
  • AnnieLinskey Senate debating bill that would expand gambling to Prince George's County.
  • ben_giles Sen. Peters: "We have a number of VLT licensees right now that are interested in bidding" for casino in PG County.
  • ben_giles Peters amendment allows slots license holders to own 2 licenses. That allows Penn National to bid for Rosecroft while owning Ocean Downs.
  • ben_giles Without Peters' amendment, the decision on a site would essentially be eliminated and it would have to be at Natl. Harbor.
  • ben_giles Gambling bill passes on 2nd reading, could clear the Senate tomorrow/later this week. 
  • AnnieLinskey Senate gives initial nod to bill that would expand gambling to Prince George's, also allows company to own up to two casinos in MD.
  • ben_giles #correx Penn National already owns Hollywood Casino at Perryville. 
  • ben_giles Bill that expands gambling with 6th casino site and table games gets preliminary Md. Senate approval. bit.ly/GTFoDu
  • WPJohnWagner The Maryland bill that would authorize a Prince George's casino is expected to come to a vote on the Senate floor this morning 
  • wbjdan Md. Senate sets stage for possible casino at National Harbor bizjournals.com/washington/mor… via @WBJonline
  • ben_giles And Md. senators gave prelim. approval of gambling bill that would allow table games and a PG casino. bit.ly/GTFoDu
  • WPJohnWagner Bill to authorize a Prince George's casino passes the MD Senate 35-11
  • ben_giles Gambling bill allowing a casino license for Prince George's passes Senate 35-11. #mdsession12
  • DHillMaryland Senate passes PG casino/table games bill, 35-11. Will have quick stop in House Rules before going to House Ways & Means Comm. 
  • WPJohnWagner Two of eight Prince George's senators -- Muse and Pinsky -- voted against the casino bill. The sixth location would be in Muse's district. 
  • RochelleReports State Senate passes bill to bring table games to #MD & a 6th casino license for #PrinceGeorges County. Measure moves to House for vote. 
  • WPJohnWagner How the Maryland Senate voted on gaming wapo.st/GXcZGb
    • PG Sen. vote on casino gambling: Yea: Rosapepe, 21; Peters, 23; Benson, 24; Currie, 25; Miller, 27; Ramirez, 47; Nay: Pinsky, 22, Muse, 26.
  • ben_giles Md. Senate approves expansion of gambling - 6th casino in PG County and table games. bit.ly/GUo4bv
  • PGCBlogging Legisl progressing through Senate almost guarantees gambling at National Harbor. Rosecroft will lose - one high note: pgcblog.com/?p=3291
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: MD Senate votes overwhelming support for National Harbor Casino proposal: No thanks!    
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Sen. Ramirez NOT bragging about his tax & gambling votes: Always leave out the interesting stuff  
  • PGCBlogging Dist. 8 come out to community meeting where Nat'l Harbor/Rosecroft proposals will be discussed:  
  • marylandmoment How the Maryland Senate voted on gaming: Here’s a look at how the Maryland Senate voted Tuesday on a bill to all... .
    County Government and Politics
    • PGPARENTS @CountyExecBaker We need inspector General (IG).Period.You made promises as part of your election pact - Honor this commitment. @pgpolitics
    • News_PGCounty Prince George’s councilwoman Toles pleads guilty to $90 unsafe lane change violation fb.me/1mL3fB86y
    • Gazette: Baker: New CountyStat is 'chance to see government in action' is.gd/KugJEY
      • ben_giles PG County Exec. Rushern Baker rolls out CountyStat, his new government ops and accountability tool. bit.ly/GS2eFI
      • GazPolitics Baker: New CountyStat is ‘chance to see government in action’: bit.ly/GSYV5J
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: First look at CountyStat PGAMD info, and a quick online info session: Hi All, Did you get a ch... yhoo.it/HbUlM1
    • ben_giles Rushern Baker's PILOT program (payment in lieu of property taxes) passed the House floor 138-0.
    • PGCCouncilMedia CM Eric Olson – D-3, hosts Town Hall Mtg on Thurs, March 29, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. @ Parkdale High School, 6001 Good Luck Road in Riverdale.
    • CountyExecBaker Prince George's County has a new CAO- Bradford Seamon! We are lucky to have a man of his caliber working for our residents and employees.
    • marylandmoment Baker appointees win nod from Prince George’s Council: The Prince George’s County Council on Tuesday approved th... .
    State Government and Politics
    • postlocal Maryland's governor has joined a little-noticed wave gravitating toward the privatization of government facilities wapo.st/H6ggIb
    • ben_giles House passes public-private partnership bill that House republicans say lacks transparency. bit.ly/GULVY4 
    • WPJohnWagner Md. House sends fantasy football legislation to Senate on a 114-16 vote
    • mdreporter State Roundup: House passes bill providing health coverage to uninsured and says yes to money making on fantasy games. bit.ly/HgvNU2
    • AnnieLinskey Septics bill passes with 32 green votes.
    • CNSmd Smoking Ban Sees No Opposition On First Reading: cnsne.ws/GXiioe
    • Legislative Redistricting:
    • Budget and Taxes:
      • bbjonline Maryland added 26,400 government jobs since the recession started, most among all 50 U.S. states bizj.us/b5n93
        •  Explains O'Malley's huge deficit
      • MDPolicy #Miserendino: Was #CamdenYards worth it? On the economics of subsidized stadiums. ow.ly/9UdrA
      • mdreporter House changes rules for judges' salaries. #mdpolitics bit.ly/HafcRR
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: TRIM is about to be dead - What a glorious day!: What are we to do? ... yhoo.it/H2ExO1
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: TRIM is about to be dead - What are we to do? Every time you see one of them, suggest he or she reisngn is.gd/RGjpO2 
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: TRIM is about to be dead - What a glorious day!: Howard, I'm not sure who you don't respec... yhoo.it/Hb6D7F
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: TRIM is about to be dead - What a glorious day!: The scumbags in Annapolis. ... The scumba... yhoo.it/Hb6D7J
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Confused: Trust me, We've been had! The original TRIM no longer exists. It was changed by ... yhoo.it/H59Ck7
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Emergency Legislation - Definition: Emergency bill A bill that takes effect immediately upon t... yhoo.it/H8PQph
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: SB848 - Question: What happens now to Police, Fire and Other Basic S: 1. Schools have gobbled ... yhoo.it/H8NTde
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: SB848 - Question: What happens now to Police, Fire and Other Bas: The phrase (and bill tit... yhoo.it/HbiYMd
      • CBSWashDC Prince George’s Says No To 5-Cent Bag Tax cbsloc.al/GQxhnw
        • ben_giles PG bag tax bill dies in General Assembly, County Exec. Baker responds. bit.ly/GVj4pQ
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: No Bag Tax for PG: This vetoe means they have to find more money elsewhere!!! I congratulate t... yhoo.it/H6Y8xC 
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: No Bag Tax for PG: If I know the way politics work in PG, state leadership was PUNISHING PG... yhoo.it/H6kb2i 
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: No Bag Tax for PG: I give credit where it is due, thanks to all of the politicians on this... yhoo.it/H6kb2o 
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Story on bag tax: Hello everyone, here's the Post story on the bag tax, which provides more de... yhoo.it/Hd1xI0
        • ggwash What killed the Prince George's County bag bill?: ggwash.org/14216
        • HyattsvllePatch Still no bag fee in Prince George's County: ow.ly/9Uiwm
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Story on bag tax: Miranda, this is one of the most truthful articles on PG County taxes I ... yhoo.it/H8NRCe
      • MDPolicy #Kilmer: Expanding film subsidies is a terrible way to stimulate economic growth. ow.ly/9Sw0v
      • MDPolicy House approves $36B budget and shifting teacher #pensions to counties. ow.ly/9Sx2z
      • MDPolicy House also approves amended local #education funding requirements, tax hikes, and fees. ow.ly/9Sy6g
      •  ben_giles Late night business: Senators refuse to concur with House amendments to the budget, make nominees for conference committee. 
      • ben_giles Rushern Baker's PILOT program (payment in lieu of property taxes) passed the House floor 138-0. 
      • mdreporter Lawmakers defeat a proposal to nearly double the cost of hunting licenses. bit.ly/Hgupk5 #mdpolitics
      • mdchamber Maryland Senate passed R&D tax credit expansion bill yesterday by a vote of 46-0 ow.ly/9Uxxj
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Sen. Ramirez NOT bragging about his tax & gambling votes: Always leave out the interesting stuff .
    Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
    Business, Transportation and Development
    • Branch_Bloom SBA provides resources to help women business owners succeed owl.li/9QxQR #WOSB RT @SBAgov
    • WBJ: Impossible Dreams: Black business lending: Harder hit, less rebound is.gd/zOC0Si Focus on a woman-owned Greenbelt business
    • Gazette: Maryland grocers, union still at impasse in contract talks; is.gd/fKjrC4 
    • Gazette: Tax study gives MD mixed grades; State portrayed as friendly to ‘mature’ firms, much less so to new businesses is.gd/mz6brc.
    Local (Municipalities)
    Other (including news about news)
    • RCastanedaWP Working hard on "S Street Rising," a memoir of the DC crack era and beyond, to my days in Prince George's County

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