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Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (24 Feb 2012)

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    Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Police double up on cameras to catch speeding drivers: ... (From Arthur Turner) is.gd/g6zNqE 
    • DanieljGross Speed cameras have generated nearly $2 million for Prince George’s since September bit.ly/zVzOZK (story by @nsmcgill).
    • Examiner: Maryland 'doomsday' budget proposal slashes education funds is.gd/cvf8EC 
      • Note that "doomsday" budget would cut education, not $ millions of new pork & increased bureaucracy proposed in dozens of Gen. Ass. bills.
    • ABC7News Prince George's Community College has now started a Cyber-security program to keep up with changing job market. wj.la/xT4IZ5
    • DanieljGross Accokeek administrator uses forum series to address concerns with turnover, school conditions and teacher communication bit.ly/x97HCL
    • PGCBlogging Superintendent Hite met w/ school board candidates 2 discuss "challenges" & give a presentation. Political much? pgcblog.com/?p=2964
    Business, Transportation and Development
    • Examiner: Massive planned development on I-95 tries to get Prince George's tax breaks aimed at inside-Beltway property is.gd/9bc2di
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Massive planned development tries to get Prince George's tax breaks: WHY? ... (From Arthur Turner) is.gd/52vZPK
      • ben_giles Konterra wants in on potentially massive property tax breaks from proposed PG development program. bit.ly/xn3MsP
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Massive planned development tries to get Prince George's tax bre: Right on, Arthur, I fina... yhoo.it/xg8sMX
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Massive planned development tries to get Prince George's tax bre: Washington Examiner arti... yhoo.it/zCf5FP 
      • DCExaminerLocal Massive planned development tries to get Prince George's tax breaks bit.ly/y6AV6I
      • cherylcort Say no to Konterra's (at I-95 & ICC) grab at revitalization tax incentives for transit stations & inside Beltway ow.ly/9gNpC
    • tbd247 D.C.'s streetcar debut may be 'a symbol of failure' tbd.ly/w8LxaX
    • DanieljGross bit.ly/Admosd Interesting read regarding a new transit progam along my former coverage area. (Gazette's @hmnunn reports)
    • ggwash "Loitering", or lingering, is what cities should encourage, not criminalize: bit.ly/wJxdRB on ggwash.org/13838
    • PGCBlogging The Prime Rib Signs Lease at Maryland Live! Didn't know Cheesecake Factory, Bobby Flay signed on already : bit.ly/wsdJss via @addthis
    • cherylcort Good news walkers -- Metro built a missing sidewalk to Largo Town Center Metro station. Thanks Metro! pic.twitter.com/JFHBhK7N
    • mddailyrecord Real Estate Weekly: Top Chef contestant Timothy Dean opening restaurant in Largo: mytdr.co/9ha7b @cheftdean
    • CNSmd Cardin Criticizes Planned Maryland Postal Closures: cnsne.ws/w9urVR
    Local (Municipalities)
    Other (including news about news)

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