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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (18 Jan 2012)

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Public Safety
2012 Elections
  • US Senate
    • mce_watch Re SOPA/PIPA: Forked tongue @SenatorCardin says he no longer supports PIPA bill, but remains a co-sponsor (Repeat of his NDAA duplicity?)
County Government and Politics
State Government and Politics
  • Bills sponsored by Prince George's legislators (18 Jan 2012) is.gd/wB1eTf
  • Sun (Mossburg): The gospel according to O'Malley; A rewrite of the Nicene Creed from Maryland's philosopher king is.gd/YdIGmz
  • mdreporter Marylanders pretty evenly split on gay marriage, immigrant tutition, new poll finds. #mdpoltics bit.ly/xedDKV
  • postlocal Maryland voters remain nearly evenly divided over same-sex marriage and tuition breaks for illegal immigrants wapo.st/z4WBZR
  • PGCBlogging Maryland House Speaker sends same-sex marriage legislation to 2 committees. Passage likely? Not likely? pgcblog.com/?p=2543
  • PGCBlogging Gonzales Research shows Marylanders split on same-sex marriage. Where do you stand? Take the PGC Blog poll: pgcblog.com/?p=2543
  • MDPolicy A quick and interesting summary of a few polls on MD issues from @mdreporter: ow.ly/8xQFO #MDpolitics #MDtweets
  • MDPolicy DDA blames poor accounting for the unspent $33M that could have helped the disabled in MD. ow.ly/8xRS7 #MDpolitics #MDtweets
  • Budget and Taxes:
    • WTOPinMD WSSC proposes 7.5 percent fee increase bit.ly/wAkvwT #WTOP
    • GazPolitics O'Malley says jobs are top priority in budget considerations #mdbudget pic.twitter.com/Uo810FxB
    • CNSmd @CNSmd will be tweeting live from Gov. O'Malley's budget proposal
    • RedMaryland Dear @GovernorOMalley you can't have "balanced approach" if you've never cut the budget bit.ly/qQVQoB 
    • postlocal Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley will release a spending plan today that calls for an income tax hike on high-earners wapo.st/zU2iOk
    • AnnieLinskey O'Malley proposes shutting assisted living facilities at Spring Grove and Spring Field Hospital Centers (about $3 million saved.)
    • WPJohnWagner Total growth in O'Malley FY 13 budget is 1.9 percent, he tells reporters
    • GazPolitics Gov's FY13 budget increases spending by $1.9% #mdbudget
    • WPJohnWagner O'Malley budget contains $311 million in "new revenues," he says
    • AnnieLinskey O'Malley to eliminate 149 state jobs, mostly by closing the two assisted living facilities
    • GazPolitics 149 positions eliminated in O'Malley budget, most from closing assisted living sites #mdbudget
    • WPJohnWagner Other tobacco products, including cigars, will be taxed at the same rate as cigarettes under O'Malley budget, generating $19m, he says 
    • AnnieLinskey 20 percent of MD will pay higher income taxes under O'M budget
    • WPJohnWagner O'Malley says of 8 of 10 Marylanders will see no change under his proposed income tax changes, which affect those earning $100K or more
    • GazPolitics Govs budget would split social security and teacher pension costs with counties -- an additional $239m cost to counties #mdbudget
    • CNSmd $5 billion in record direct aid for Maryland #1 schools proposed by O'Malley #mdpolitics
    • GazPolitics O'Malley budget increases tuition at USM schools by 3% #mdbudget
    • CNSmd $63.5 million proposed for Bay Restoration Fund #mdpolitics
    • CNSmd Gov. says this is the strongest budget in terms of job creation and infrastructure investment #mdpolitics
    • CNSmd Gov. considering adding consumption component to flush tax in order to double revenue going towards Bay Restoration #mdpolitics
    • GazPolitics Under O'Malley plan, flush tax would increase based on water consumption. #mdbudget
    • WPJohnWagner O'Malley budget would "nearly double" flush-tax revenues, he says; the fee, now flat, would be based on consumption
    • WPJohnWagner Under O'Malley budget, a family with an income of $150,000 would pay an additional $191 a year in income taxes, he says
    • WPJohnWagner O'Malley say an announcement about transportation funding "enhancements" will be made "sometime in the next week or two" 
    • CNSmd Gov. holds you won't find another admin. in Md. history that has restrained spending as much as his #mdpolitics
    • CNSmd O'Malley says there have been "slight" increases in subsequent budgets. #mdpolitics
    • WTOPinMD Gov. O'Malley outlines $311 million in new revenue bit.ly/zxcExV #WTOP
    • bbjonline O'Malley seeks to increase taxes on families earning $100,000. More details on budget proposal bizj.us/b4wx1
    • DCExaminerLocal One out of five Marylanders will pay more in taxes under Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget proposal bit.ly/zSUtdu
    • nbcwashington New MD state budget proposed by O'Malley would raise taxes on 20 pct of residents bit.ly/zlWSPH
    • WBJonline O'Malley seeks to increase taxes on families earning $100,000 in Maryland bizjournals.com/washington/new… via @WBJonline
    • byaaroncdavis Gov. O'Malley defends plan to raise taxes on Marylanders making $100K+ ... calls it "fairest way" to close budget gap. wapo.st/z4gL8p
    • DCAbloob RT @htannapolis: O'Malley reveals 2013 budget. Will tax Internet sales, shifts half of teachers' pensions to counties. ow.ly/8xZhd
    • KateRyanWTOP Republicans are predictably jumping all over MD Governor Martin O'Malley's budget proposal, but even MOCO Dems may push back.
    • KateRyanWTOP #O'Malley budget: MOCO Exec Isiah Leggett calls handing 50% of cost of teacher pensions back to counties a "non starter". 
    • KateRyanWTOP MD Gov O'Malley says he's had to make tough decisions: there is a $1 billion--with a B--shortfall looming. But even Dems raising eyebrows. 
    • RedMaryland Buried in Appendix I of @GovernorOMalley budget Gen. fund spending increases 6% to $15.7b up from $14.8b. bit.ly/AF2PHH #mdpolitics
    • RedMaryland Hey @mddems how can you call a 6% increase in gen fund spending a reduction? #mdpolitics #oops #OMalleymath
Government Censorship:
  • badast_turtles Eight of Maryland's 10 Congresspeople have not taken a stand on SOPA/PIPA: Here in Maryland, our state's citizen... bit.ly/As4s7c
Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
  • PGPDJulie New automated enforcement cameras: 6500 blk Surratts Rd, 7800 blk Dyson Rd, 13500 blk Piscataway Rd, 6200 blk Auth Rd #traffic #MD
  • PrGeoTAG @PGCPSHite plan will increase TAG seats by 575, doing away with the wait list completely. This is a good thing.
  • josephlkitchen I am personally disappointed the board, despite near unanimous opposition will vote to dismantle Forestville Military Academy as we know it..
Business, Transportation and Development
Local (Municipalities)
Other (including news about news)

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