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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (7 Dec 2011)

Gory Prince George's
Public Safety
County Government and Politics
  • MSM reports about Rushern Baker's first year ignore his failure to keep campaign promises re ethics & Inspector General is.gd/idZXJE
  • KateRyanWTOP Cleaning up: Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker on doing away with "pay for play" listen on @WTOP
  • PRNewswire: Prince George's County Ranks Low on Health Outcomes is.gd/7G1jyR
  • EnvisionPrinceG Camp Springs could become the next Arts District in the county. Learn more this Thurs. at 7 p.m. For details visit:is.gd/z62cTP.
  • ben_giles Maryland Stadium Authority agrees to conduct study of Show Place Arena, equestrian center. bit.ly/sP57db
  • PGCBlogging New Council Chairperson voted in. WaPo called the council "divided: pgcblog.com/?p=2063
  • Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • anobleDC Former P.G. County Exec. Johnson sentenced to more than 7 years - Washington Times: wtim.es/uGSCFw
    • emilybabay RT @natebeeler: NEW 'TOON: Jack Johnson Goes to Prison j.mp/v2mTet
    • Post Editorial: Prince George’s Johnson gets his just deserts is.gd/4JxAB9 Note: Post does NOT remind us that they endorsed Johnson
    • Watching WGN reporting on the Blagojevich sentencing, it sounds as if Blagojevich & Jack Johnson employed the same faux-apology writer
    • MDPolicy Apparently Jack B. Johnson was "a very religious person who just made a mistake." Or several. su.pr/2KMzun 
    • KateRyanWTOP US Atty Rod Rosenstein warns: "Anybody out there who is engaged in corruption should not be resting easy"..PG investigations not over.
    • PGCBlogging What are the odds-makers saying will be Leslie Johnson's sentence?
    • gpolitics Politics365: The Downfall of Jack Johnson–-and Prince George’s, too? (Thoughtful opinion by Charles Ellison) politic365.com/?p=27154
State Government and Politics
Big Brother Is Watching Us:
  • ABC7News A new study says that security cameras at Metro parking facilities have yet to significantly deter crime. wj.la/tajkJ1
  • DCExaminerLocal Cameras in Metro parking facilities aren't making a difference in fighting crime bit.ly/umNQoh
  • kytja #WMATA parking lot cameras don't prevent crime, Urban Institute study finds. But agency plans to keep them: bit.ly/vy54mT
  • moses100000 Cultutre of pay to play continues in PGCPS. Thatcher law bribes the board chair to get a big contract.we need answers gazette.net/article/201112…
  • Gazette: Parents oppose limiting Bowie school to gifted and talented students; Shifts from Heather Hills Elementary ... is.gd/lE4xUM.
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