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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (14 Apr 2011)

Public Safety
2011 Maryland General Assembly
Government and Politics
  • County:
    • Gazette: Lawmakers dump Prince George's plan for plastic bag tax (Requested by councilwoman Lehman, D-1) http://is.gd/T0HvF5 #PGTaxers 
      • -PG-Politics Lehman sponsored council attempt to evade TRIM and impose new tax fa: *Lawmakers dump Prince Georg... http://yhoo.it/g1EJzz 
      • -PG-Politics Mary Lehman Bag fee response: ... From: "Mary A. Lehman" http://yhoo.it/h4Fi7a  
    • Examiner: Inactive PG ethics board required to meet under new law http://is.gd/YlGJ5M Comment: Simply meeting won't guarantee useful results .
    • Gazette: Charitable misgivings; PG leaders should not dole out millions in taxpayer money without full disclosure (Ed.) http://is.gd/bC91QB 
    • postcrime Pr. George’s jail director denies retaliation claim http://wapo.st/gituN6 
    • PGCCouncilMedia 2011 Pr. George’s Co. Redistricting Commission will meet April 15, 11:00 a.m.,Council Committee Rm 2027, Co. Admin. Bldg, in Upper Marlboro.
  • State:
  • National:
    • iowahawkblog 'The most Orwellian phrase ever spoken by a US President': Obama calls tax hikes 'spending reductions in the tax code’ http://t.co/ynu41xQ 
    • Talkmaster FairTax Question: Would you rather pay 25% of everything you earn to the government, or 23% of everything you spend. www.fairtax.org  
    • edatpost More than 1/5 of $38.5 billion in cuts Congress will consider Thurs. comes from eliminating funds that never existed http://wapo.st/h9YepW  
  • Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • Examiner: Inactive PG ethics board required to meet under new law http://is.gd/YlGJ5M Comment: Simply meeting won't guarantee useful results 
  • Gazette: Bowie legislators plan to press for new schools; School construction money increases; city gets bigger shar ... http://is.gd/Pcpzly  
  • Gazette: School officials decry possible impact of Labor Department penalty http://is.gd/b0VtYq 
  • Gazette: School program shuffle leaves some students at a loss; Specialty classes shift after incoming freshmen applied http://is.gd/crvaxV 
Business, Transportation and Development
  • Gazette: Fa├žade improvements planned for Kenilworth businesses; Additional improvements planned for the corridor http://is.gd/xcCh7v 
  • WBJ: A closer look at GSA's HHS lease protests "rumored GSA preference for any site other than Prince George’s County,” http://is.gd/0FKgks 
  • Examiner: Homelessness rising in area, but PG's homelessness fell 34% since 2007, making it county with biggest decrease http://is.gd/Mk30EG 
  • kytja #WMATA police stepping up patrols at PG stations, reports @alexpappasDC: http://bit.ly/hHtqQE
  • Gazette: A glimpse of a thriving downtown; Better Block Project offered a revitalized Mount Rainier for a day http://is.gd/Re0QbC 
  • Gazette: Colmar Manor IHOP to rise from the ashes; A year after blaze, restaurant set to reopen http://is.gd/tvIXK1 
  • cherylcort Kudos to PGC ped/bike planners working on improving Naylor Rd Metro walk/bike access. Their jobs could be eliminated, per transition report. 
Local (Municipalities)

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