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Monday, December 06, 2010

Recent Prince George's County News (6 Dec 2010)

Public Safety
County Executive Inauguration
  • TBD: Baker takes charge of troubled Prince George's http://is.gd/ihHBU Rushern Baker's PG cleanup plan 120310 http://is.gd/ihHJ3 
  • Post: Baker pushing restart button http://is.gd/ihHnl
  • RT @DCAbloob: among reps in attendance: Sen Ben Cardin, Rep Donna Edwards, LtGov Anthony Brown, Comptroller Franchot, State AG Gansler. 
  • T @DCAbloob: RT @kimmytweets: Mrs. Leslie johnson was just sworn in as councilwoman of district 6! http://yfrog.com/1slscwj
  • RT @DCAbloob: 24 days after her arrest, Leslie Johnson has taken the oath of office as a Prince George's County Council member, district 6.
  • RT @TBDNewsTalk In bid to make good on 'open gov.' promise, Baker aide Scott Peterson distributes public schedule for PG Exec. We don't usually get those.
  • RT @TBDNewsTalk Despite considerable ethical cloud, Leslie Johnson is sworn in as Councilwoman, with Jack Johnson at her side, Marilynn Bland doing the oath
  • Commentary:
    • On the path to greatness ... in extortion? http://is.gd/ijIoY 
    • "PG" coronation: A spectacle that gives the lie to the rhetoric about pride & "greatness" & shows how little we respect ourselves & county 
    • RT @PGD9Politico: My colleagues are sitting here laughing at me and mocking me for "my" county. We are a joke.
    • RT @PGD9Politico: @TBDFactsMachine Yes, I'm mad, very mad! I cannot believe what I'm watching right now. Glad I'm in District 9, at least.
    • RT @PGD9Politico: And how can Ingrid Turner hold her head up high when Johnson casts the deciding vote for her as the new chair? Get a grip. 
    • RT @PGD9Politico: I guarantee that today is the most work Bland will have to do over the next four years we're stuck with her. 
    • RT @kryan1035: As PG council sworn in, those who called for new mbr Leslie Johnson NOT to take her seat vow to work to 'protect the council' 
    • RT @DCAbloob: RT @TBDNewsTalk: Prince George's Insiders: Ingrid Turner will be new chairman of PG county council #pgcounty 
    • RT @laurelleader PG Co officials are urging incoming Councilwoman Leslie Johnson to step aside. Council sworn in today http://bit.ly/gxOzDy
    • RT @jenlynn97 Marilynn Bland swears in Leslie Johnson for Council. One crook to another, swearing on a Bible to uphold the law. Very fitting.
    • RT @postcrime: At inauguration, Baker sees to chance to restore confidence in Prince George's http://wapo.st/gF9RwG 
    • Post: Tom Hendershot on "Pr. Geo. handshake." "You know, you rub each other all over and make sure there's no one wired." http://is.gd/ijz4L 
    • wusa9: Former Co Exec & Gov Parris Glendenning is calling on Leslie Johnson to recuse herself from County Council votes. http://is.gd/ijqqd 
    • ChvBlog: Leslie Johnson Has No Shame. http://is.gd/ijjeb 
    • RT @pgfflinda: Trying 2 figure out who will represent my views in County Council since Johnson sure won't! 
    • RT @TaJye Rushern Baker's position on Leslie Johnson taking office is disappointing. Less than 24 hours & he is already playing politics smh
    • RT @pgfflinda: @TBDFactsMachine @mikedebonis DISAGREE about volume of cheers, clapping 4 Johnson. Surprised tho there was ANY. 
    • RT @TBDFactsMachine In words & actions, new Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker tries to break with the past http://is.gd/ijdm6 
    • RT @TBDNewsTalk Curry: "We are resilient (and) can get past our traumas" only if feds reveal "What is it you've got? How wide does it go?"
    • Prince Georgian (J.P. Thompson): Prince George’s County Executive’s New Beginnings http://is.gd/ij28Z 
    • RT @ggwash Why Prince George's struggles with corruption: Part 1 of open letter to @RushernBaker by 2 county employees http://bit.ly/fqMFgM
    • RT @PGD9Politico RT @justindotnet "in sickness and in health, until death (or 5-10 in the Federal Pen) do us part... (referring to Johnsons) 
    • RT @MDPolicy: PG County gets a new identity and a new chance in the wake of Johnson's arrest http://su.pr/2W4pGA #MD #politics
    • RT @TBDNewsTalk Council vice-chair Andrea Harrison stresses "accountability... & open government & elevated debate" in inaugural remarks.
      • RT @mikedebonis: Andrea Harrison's speech 'on behalf' of council includes refs to Franklin Roosevelt, the Wizard of Oz
      • RT @mikedebonis: 'Don't give up on us elected official. Don't lose faith in county govt,' said Harrison
    • RT @pgfflinda L Johnson says she was elected "unanimously" - knowing definition of such terms is key 2 competence 2 serve. Liar/ignorant/both?
  • Personnel Changes:
    • RT @DCExaminerLocal Hylton out as PG police chief: Longtime PG County police official Mark Magaw has been named inte... http://bit.ly/fglw81
    • RT @SuiteMagazine: Co Executive, Rushern L. Baker, III, by announced eight interim appointments & two permanent appointments of senior staff 
    • RT @SuiteMagazine: Gwen McCall was appointed as County Executive Baker’s Chief of Staff. 
    • RT @SuiteMagazine: P. Michael Errico= Acting Chief Administrative Officer and Bradford Seamon, Acting Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. 
    • RT @gazette_net Search is on for eight dept directors, including housing & public safety agencies, in Prince George's: http://fb.me/KZSmY32g
    • RT @TBDFactsMachine: Baker cleaning house story updated w/brief bios of new appointees: http://tbd.ly/fpuO9g 
    • RT @STATter911 Read letter from PGFD's new chief to staff & volunteers. http://tinyurl.com/25apezy #fire #firefighter #firefighting #EMS 
    • WUSA9: More Baker picks: Betty Hager Francis, Housing & ...; Gail Francis, Finance; Thomas Himler, Mgt & Bud; Samuel Wynkoop, Envir Resource 
    • WUSA9: More Baker picks: Stephanye Redd Maxwell, Human Resources http://is.gd/iiJDd 
    • RT @TBDFactsMachine: At least two of Baker's appointees today donated to his campaign: http://is.gd/iiIzu 
      • TBD: Baker's new chf of staff, Gwen McCall, gave $5,300 to Baker campaign, Act Chf Admin Off P. Michael Errico gave @2,200 over several yrs 
    • RT @UMarlboroPatch: County Exec Rushern L. Baker, III names Mark A. Magaw as interim chief of PG County Police Department effective today 
    • RT @UMarlboroPatch: In #UpperMarlboro, County Executive Rushern Baker names Marc Bashoor chief of the PG Fire/EMS Department starting today. 
    • RT @TBDFactsMachine: Baker cleaning house in PG, names chief of staff, interim Police/Fire chiefs, other interim heads: http://tbd.ly/fpuO9g
    • RT @TBD: Rushern Baker cleans house in PG County, replaces police chief Roberto Hylton & other top posts: http://tbd.ly/fpuO9g 
  • Promises Mentioned:
    • wusa9: Baker has promised to create a county Inspector General's office with watchdog authority over county government. http://is.gd/ijqqd 
    • RT @cherylcort: Rushern Baker takes control. Promises smart growth will guide development, not who you know. http://yfrog.com/2tyu001j 
    • RT @TBDNewsTalk: Baker says Prince George's County police force has no room for unethical officers. o
    • RT @DCAbloob Baker pledges not to take over #pgcounty school board but not be "idly silent" either, promises more exec ovesight of education
    • RT @TBDFactsMachine: Baker says Prince George's can be "first in integrity." 
    • "The Pledge for Prince George's" http://is.gd/ihQB8 Let us hope that Rushern Baker, Mary Lehman, & Mel Franklin can fulfill their promises 
Government & Politics
  • RT @PGD9Politico: New blog post: "A Conversation with Mel Franklin." http://wp.me/p15aII-13 
  • Scandals
    • Post: Tom Hendershot on "Pr. Geo. handshake." "You know, you rub each other all over and make sure there's no one wired." http://is.gd/ijz4L 
    • RT @postcrime: Johnsons' arrests have some in Prince George's wondering who is next http://wapo.st/hXHeEn
    • RT @TBDNewsTalk Fmr PG Ex. Wayne Curry calls on fed. investigators to reveal "scope of their activities... so the rest of us can move (on)."
    • RT @TBDNewsTalk Curry: "We are resilient (and) can get past our traumas" only if feds reveal "What is it you've got? How wide does it go?"
Local (Municipalities)

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