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Friday, February 26, 2010

Maryland Politics Watch: Rushern Baker on the Spot, Part Five

Maryland Politics Watch: Rushern Baker on the Spot, Part Five
By Adam Pagnucco, Maryland Politics Watch, 26 Feb 2010
Powerful people usually have powerful enemies. Southern Management Corporation (SMC) boss David Hillman and Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson proved that axiom true with a bitter feud that eventually benefited Rushern Baker in a VERY big way.
* * *
Our calculation of the total in loans and contributions made by entities associated with David Hillman to Rushern Baker over the last ten years is $751,756. And ... our total is likely understated. ... We calculate that one-quarter of all of Baker’s campaign funds over the last decade have come from entities connected to Hillman. That share would be close to a third if Baker’s secret slate account transfer also came from Hillman.

It is entirely possible that in Maryland’s modern era, no serious County Executive candidate has ever owed more to one contributor than Rushern Baker owes to David Hillman.

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