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Thursday, February 19, 2009


On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 5:00 PM, robinsonawjr <robinsonawjr@yahoo.com> wrote:

Even more damaging thaN Homestead percentage increase bill is
MC/PG116-09 transit tax. It is a stealth bill and its impact cannot
be determined by reading it. It has the effect of overturning TRIM,
and I believe is under the radar for delegates. I believe they are
seeking cover, and believe they can pass 116 because you don't know
what this bill truly does (raises property tax 5 cents per hundred).
I will give you a better explanation tomorrow, but we had better be
holding the delegations' feet to the fire on both PG414 and MC/PG116-
09. they both raise taxes; they both open the barn door; they both
violate voter placed protections / they both overturn TRIM directly
and indirectly. Jack stated that MC/PG116 will raise $36million /
this will be done on the backs of homeowners.

HB 1132 (MC/PG 116-09
Entitled:  Washington Suburban Transit District - Transit Facilities - Public School Transportation 
Establishing that, for specified purposes relating to the Washington Suburban Transit District, in Prince George's County the definition of "transit facilities" includes all matters and things utilized in rendering public school transportation; etc.

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