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Monday, February 04, 2008


Please feel free to share this, also.

When I am home (I'm away now for the second extended period in two years), I typically go to mid-day movies at the Magic theaters a couple of times a month, and make a couple other trips a month to one or more of the outlying stores, like Borders, Linens, Office Depot, etc., where I can park right outside the store. I'd probably go more often during the day, but the Blvd is not really convenient, especially lacking access from the Beltway.

I wouldn't dream of going to a movie or anywhere near the middle of the Blvd at night--not since the November 2005 brutal beating murder of Matthew Lorenzo Pickett, Jr.

And I was disgusted to read that the security forces, which obviously don't protect the public, were instead used to keep the press away from last night's murder. The management's priorities seem very strange.

Judging from the phone numbers you posted, it would appear that there is no high- or mid-level on-site management person. The Maryland VP and the property manager both have 410 phone numbers, not 301 or 240 numbers that would be in this area.

On Feb 4, 2008 3:04 PM, Tonia Wright <trwellons@hotmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for this. I guess my hopeful optimism could be mistaken for naviety. It's not! I'm not suggesting that we roll out with bullet proof vests to demonstrate our commitment to keeping the Cap Centre alive. I am suggesting, however, that simply walking away by deciding not to patronize is not the answer. Many of us worked on behalf of the great citizens of this county to influence the developers in the original concept, design, layout, etc. of the Cap Center. This place is many years and lots of hard work in the making. We can't allow some young punks to dictate its success or failure. When well-meaning people walk away, you can rest asure that blight will certainly follow.

Perhaps my quick suggestions below are way off, over simplified... or maybe they have already been tried and failed. I bet that there are far better suggestions on what to do (I did come up with them in all of 5 minutes). But can't we come up with something better than 'I'm not going there anymore'?

I called Inland US Management (the Chicago-based owners) to urge them to increase security at the Blvd. And of course they passed me on Bill Parks, the Inland VP for Maryland; who passed me on to Lynette Washington, the Blvd Property Manager; who passed me on to Darryl Cater, the Director for Public Affairs, back in Chicago. After spending an hour of my work day calling these folks (and another half hour posting here), Darryl was finally interested to know that there's a listserve discussion happening of 'well-meaning' people who are deciding to not patronize the Cap Center unless increased security measures are put in place. He's asked me to forward some of the discussion his way so that he might pass on these sentiments further. He was keenly interested in the propect that people making a clear decision not to patronize the Cap Center due to lack of security.

If it's ok with you, I'm happy to pass on some of this discussion. Or, you guys can feel free to voice your concerns to them directly.

Inland US Management: 1-877-646-5263
Bill Parks, VP for Maryland: 410-764-3222, #3
Lynette Washington, Property Manager: 410-764-9222
Darryl Cater, Director for Public Affairs: 630-218-8000 ext. 4896

You'd also be interested in knowing that when I asked Mr. Cater for the Director of Security at the Cap Center - there isn't one... security is managed by the Property Manager (and outsourced to a contractor - I'm assuming). Wouldn't the efforts of County Police and Private Security be more efficiently managed if a qualified law enforcement manager were in charge of security? Again... maybe this has already been tried and failed.

Who's to say that increased security would have prevented last night's shooting. Not sure. But I think we are down to two options... focus on solutions or look for greener pastures.

I'll end by noting that my daughter was at the Magic Theather last night with her best friend enjoying Hannah Montana - Best of Both Worlds. I am eternally thankful that they were not in the line of danger...and yes, we will go there again.

Eternally optimistic,


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