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Friday, November 30, 2007

Families will pay more with Democrats new taxes, contrary to O'Malley's earlier claims

(Posted 30 Nov 2007)
Analysis Shows Estimated Impact of Tax Increases.
wtopnews.com, 30 Nov 2007 (Witte, AP).
Maryland families with household incomes of more than $40,000 a year will pay more in taxes under the tax packages recently approved by lawmakers, an analysis by a nonpartisan state agency has found. . . .

Maryland's Department of Legislative Services, which conducts budget and fiscal reviews for the legislature, has compiled estimated scenarios on how 1 percent increases in the state's sales and vehicle titling taxes and changes to the income tax structure will affect taxpayers.
* * *
The tax changes resulted from Gov. Martin O'Malley's proposals to address an estimated $1.7 billion budget deficit and to find $400 million in transportation funding annually _ proposals that were amended and approved by the General Assembly last week after a three-week special session.

When O'Malley, a Democrat, first rolled out his tax proposals, he claimed that 83 percent of Maryland residents would save a little bit of money in taxes under his approach to make the income tax more progressive. [More]

Remember: Every tax-and-spend delegate and senator from Prince George's County voted to raise our taxes!

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