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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Domestic violence

(Updated 7 Jan 2006)
. . . Prince George’s County had 4,912 domestic violence cases filed in district court for fiscal 2004, more than any other jurisdiction in Maryland and nearly 700 more than Baltimore City, which had the second highest total.

By contrast, Montgomery County had 1,537 cases, the fifth highest number of filed in district court that year.
[. . .]
‘‘It has become abundantly clear that a systemic pattern of bias, ignorance and indifference exists throughout the Prince George’s judicial system,” said Trachtenberg in a Nov. 14, letter to Judge William D. Missouri, the administrative judge of the 7th Judicial Circuit Court. Missouri oversees the assignment of Circuit Court cases and special assignment cases for Prince George’s, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.

Advocates said they are looking for judges to recognize that domestic violence cases are different from other types of family disputes.

‘‘The tendency sometimes is to minimize how serious these cases are,” said Michaele Cohen, executive director of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.
[. . .]
On Monday, a petition was filed with the Maryland Judicial Disabilities Commission against the district court judge involved in the Cade case, seeking his removal from the bench or significant changes in his behavior. The House of Ruth Domestic Violence Legal Clinic found 11 cases where Judge Richard A. Palumbo allegedly made insensitive comments or did not allow an attorney to speak on behalf of a victim who did not speak English.

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  1. The reason there were 4912 cases of domestic violence in 2004 is pretty easy to understand. The help groups you are talking about have a different definition of domestic violence than the one you are trying to peddle. They define domestic violence as: Abuse Is:
    Calling bad names or putting someone down
    Shouting and cursing
    Hitting, slapping and/or pushing
    Making threats of any kind
    Jealously and suspicion
    Keeping someone away from family and friends
    Throwing things around the house
    The problem is that every single one of those definitions is perpetrated upon males every day by women and some of them more often than men. Men and women who physically abuse their partners should be locked up.However the rest of the definitions are bogus. The term 'Educating Judges' is somewhat misleading, what they really mean is forcing judges by means of witholding federal funding.