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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Comcast to offer phone service; Verizon to offer cable service; both currently exclude Prince George's County

(Posted December 14, 2005)
"Commentary: Not ringing true"
Albuquerque Tribune, December 14, 2005 (by Lillian Rodriguez-Lopez, president, Hispanic Federation)
Phone companies want to enter the cable TV market but say telecom rules hang them up. What they really mean is they don't want to serve ethnic and low-income areas.
[. . .]
Around Washington, D.C., one of the telephone companies plans to build its latest services in affluent suburban communities but not the city of Washington or most of Prince George's County - both predominantly black communities. A senior company official recently disparaged the local oversight rules that are intended to protect against discrimination as "Mickey Mouse" rules.
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"Tax gap separating phone, cable needs to end"
Sun, December 14, 2005, (by Jay Hancock). . . Comcast has had a virtual cable monopoly in Central Maryland for years and keeps raising prices to prove it. . . . Comcast hasn't exactly offered universal access to its voice-Internet product; so far it's unavailable in Baltimore, Prince George's County and Washington. [More]

"Comcast Seeks Edge In Phone Service; Cable Firm Aims To Outdo Verizon"
Post, December 10, 2005 (by Arshad Mohammed, Washington Post Staff Writer)Comcast Corp. next week plans to roll out Internet phone service in Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland to try to steal customers from Verizon Communications Inc.
[. . .]
Comcast plans to announce on Monday that it will offer its new voice service in Alexandria and in Arlington, Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery and western Prince William counties. It will also be sold in Reston and in Baltimore and Harford counties. The service will be offered in the District and Prince George's County by the end of 2006.
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