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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Do Maryland Democrats support car theft?

More cars are stolen in Prince George's County than in all the rest of Maryland combined.

Every Prince George's County elected official--county executive and council members, state legislators, prosecutor, sheriff, etc.--is a Democrat.

These Democrats have done nothing effective to eliminate or reduce car thefts. In fact, the problem has only gotten worse since the last lone elected Republican left office a couple of years ago.

While the Prince George's County police seem unwilling or unable to deal with the growing problem, Lt. Governor Steele has been working with Maryland state police to reduce car thefts.

The Maryland Democratic Party has responded by attacking Mr. Steele and his work with the state police--see the Washington Post of August 24, 2005.

Why would Maryland Democrats react this way instead of supporting efforts to reduce car thefts?

Does the Maryland Democratic Party support car thefts and oppose efforts to reduce the number of cars stolen in the state?

Or are they engaged in a cynical attempt to divert attention from the abysmal failure of Prince George's County Democratic officials--Democrats who are presiding over increasing murders and car thefts, failing schools, and corrupt school officials?

Whatever their motivation, it seems clear that the Maryland Democratic Party has nothing positive to offer when it comes to fighting crime. It is too bad that Maryland Republicans don't have anyone besides Mr. Steele to speak out on the issue, or any viable candidates to replace the complacent, failing Democrats.

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