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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Re: County Refocuses On Retail?

Jacob Andoh has a thoughtful reply.

From: Jacob Andoh <jyandoh@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 1:13 pm
Subject: Re: County Refocuses On Retail?

From: Jacob Andoh
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005
Subject: [PG-Politics] Re: County Refocuses On Retail?

Happy New Year, all!

I agree with much of the sentiments expressed below even as I cringe, sometimes, at the depiction of our County as "Gory" instead of "Gorgeous." We can differ on polemics but agree on substantive issues. The ostrich's head must be pulled from the sand! In this we are neither democrats nor republicans. We are a proud and committed Prince George's citizenry!

Our county can no longer deny the irreparable harm that this surge in violence is doing both to our collective psyche and to individual families and communities. Crime prevention and safety is the ultimate in the pursuance of not just "livable communities" but eminently enjoyable ones. We must get a handle on the proliferation of crime particularly the homicides, car-jackings and acts of wanton personal and communal destruction.

The Police cannot do this alone. We have heard this many times and yet it is true. It begins in the home, the family, the community. The failures of our schools deeply heighten the despair and wreckage exponentially.

I know that our Police Officers are doing as much as they can. Yes, we need more and better trained police officers. But we also need a galvanized multitude of community residents who will not tolerate this situation any longer.

Parents must parent. Young people without adequate parenting supports must be supported by all of us to follow the right path.

This path emanates from and leads to our schools! This path emanates from and leads to each and every home and family in this County!

The failed products of our schools do become our community destructors.

The car-jacker or violent dope dealer of today (and tomorrow) is the high-school drop out of yesterday, and the unemployed or under-employed of yesterday and today.

The child sitting in today's classroom who wants to learn but cannot (h/she needs our collective help!) plus the child who does not want to learn and will not let others learn (s/he must be removed from the classroom!) deserve our focus and attention.

Think about it - if 80 or 90 percent of all of our high school students do graduate and go on to higher educational pursuits or gainful employment, will we be dogged by this increasing violence and anti-social behaviors?

The days of excuses and defending the indefensible are over! The days of status quo in our schools must end! If we are serious, we will reform our school and create substantive personal and governmental supports for families in crisis.

It takes leadership and vision to accomplish this. But it also takes an energized community who will say "enough is enough! We will not allow our youth to stray and we will not condone, ignore or support the gansterisms, violent and defamatory rap music and anti-intellectual lifestyles that accompany them.

And we, adults, will and must set the example - solid ethics, hard work, and eschewing backroom deals of public monies for private dealings.

Children first. Accountability. Ethics. Prioritizing education and schools. And leadership.

In our homes, in our government, in our schools. In our commitment to education (first), economics (second) and public safety and crime prevention (tied for second).

You stand for something or you fall for everything.

Just my two pesos.

Jacob Andoh

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