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Friday, November 05, 2004

Re: Feds now investigating school chief Hornsby

From: "jyandoh"
Date: Fri Nov 5, 2004 10:10 am
Subject: Re: Feds now investigating school chief Hornsby

Good morning, all:

It is about time!

Abuse of the public trust, perceived or real, must have consequences. Our Prince George's County public school system is a $1 billion plus enterprise. Therefore meticulous checks and balances must exist and be enforced. The appointed board is perceived as having not been accountable to the people. That must change now, and hopefully, solved for good, in 2006.

The rights of the electorate to ELECT their single-member representatives to the School Board must be re-instated in 2006! This is not a democratic or republican issue. This is a voting rights issue and also a common sense one.

There must be no real or perceived nepotism and cronyism in the awarding of public dollars for contracts for the public schools. Those of us who maintain that our public schools are underfunded MUST now demand a thorough investigation.

Every penny of the taxpayers' moneys for education and schools must be seen to be wisely spent. Adults cannot be seen as squandering taxpayer funds while many of our youngsters fail or are viewed as being failed by our schools.

We demand a fiscally prudent school board, not a rubber-stamp or slap-on-the-wrist school board.

Thank you.

Jacob Andoh
MLK Education Coalition

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