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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hornsby Gets Public Relations Help

"AAA Spokesman Steps In During Conflict-of-Interest Probes." Nancy Trejos reports in the November 24 Post that PG school CEO Andre J. Hornsby has hired a new public information officer for close to $100,000 a year, a move apparently supported by the chair of the non-elected, patronage school board.*

Comment: We keep hearing a constant refrain that the schools need more money to build more classrooms, hire more teachers, reduce class sizes, and replace aging textbooks. But when it comes time to actually spend the money, where does it go? For more administrators. And now they are diverting money away from the real needs in order to hire a flack to help overcome all the bad press resulting from the CEO's questionable hiring decisions and apparent conflicts of interest and ethics violations.

* Reminder: The anti-Democracy current legislators who contributed to this mess are listed at http://dcrussell.esmartweb.com/2004/11/reminder-anti-democracy-legislators.html

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