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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Betraying the Voters (Tax Increase, Question D and the Blue Ribbon Commission)

Prince George's County is governed by a county charter.

Normally, we would expect the people who are elected to carry out the provisions of the county charter to obey and support it, not to flat out disobey it and look for ways to avoid its requirements.

 our council
and county executive, have acted repeatedly to sabotage the charter and the will of the voters.

They increased taxes in violation of the charter.  They tried once and failed to get around citizen-imposed restraints on the length of time they can hold office, and are now trying again.  And they have worked hard to modify citizen-imposed restraints on taxes and spending.

But none of them had the honesty or integrity to campaign on a platform of overruling and thumbing their noses at the voters.  In fact some of these officials, have brazenly done exactly the opposite of what they promised while running for office.

Now is the time to start planning a thorough housecleaning during the 2018 election season. 

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