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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What is PG's "structural deficit"

What is PG's "structural deficit"

As has been reported before, the "Blue Ribbon Commission" was set up to deal with the "structural deficit." So, what is a "structural deficit"? Despite some other more formal definitions:
"Structural deficit" is the politically correct euphemism used by politicians to try to rationalize and distract attention from their uncontrolled addition to spending money they don't have and will never have unless they steal more from the public at large.
While politicians expect you and me to live within our means, and scrape by on whatever they don't take from us, these politicians feel they are entitled to grab anything they can get away with.

Their spending addiction is not really much different from alcoholism or addition to drugs.

Drug addicts and alcoholics often live in denial of their addiction and resort to subterfuge and theft to satisfy their addiction.

And so it is with politicians and their insatiable addiction to spending--they rationalize what they are doing to each other, grab what they can from the public, delude themselves into believing they are doing nothing wrong, and fail to seek treatment.

The best way for the public to deal with spending-addicted politicians is to send them back to the real world, not reinforce their addiction by supporting or reelecting them.

Unfortunately, the voters of Prince George's County (and most of Maryland) support the addicts and reinforce their addiction.

As a result, Prince George's County residents have about the highest tax burden in the region, with some of the poorest and decreasing services, and are about to be held up again. And while many people will complain about the politicians overriding TRIM and ignoring the will of the voters, most voters seem satisfied with the status quo and have the kind of government they probably deserve.

What we need is a commission that will force the county to live within its means, improve productivity, advocate recall, and develop a 12-step program for spending addicts.

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