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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Once again, Rushern Baker shows his contempt for voters and the county charter

Rushern Baker ran for office knowing full well the tax limitations in the county charter and the voters' long-term consistent support for those limitations.  

And Baker claimed--falsely it seems now--that he would not try to repeal the limitations.

Nevertheless, he is now trying an end run around the charter that he is supposed to uphold and enforce, planning to raise property taxes at least 15%, without voter approval, and in direct violation of the terms of the charter.

And he apparently doesn't have either the honesty or the guts to submit his plan to the voters as the charter requires.

This is not the first time Baker has worked to increase taxes in violation of the charter.  Over a decade ago, as a delegate, he was a prime mover in getting the General Assembly to override the charter and burden us with one of the very highest telephone taxes in the entire country.  His pro-tax, anti-charter, and-voter message has been obvious over the years.  People responsible for electing him either didn't bother to look closely at his record or didn't care.

Now the budget goes to the county council.  What will your council member do?

Gazette, 11 Aug 2010:
Gazette: What are your thoughts on TRIM? Would you work to repeal or preserve it?
Baker:  I would not work to repeal TRIM.

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