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Friday, April 13, 2012

Cafritz Development Circus (updated)

This is a summary, most recent items first, of Tweets from the April 11 hearing on the so-called Cafritz Development in the College Park area. This development has been under review by county, municipal, and MNCPPC officials for months.

Putting aside the merits of the proposed development (which may well be a good project set in the wrong location), it seems to me that the way this has been handled over the last few months goes a long way toward explaining why the "quality development" many people claim to want goes elsewhere. It seems to be just too much of a hassle, too expensive (in terms of executive effort, county fees, legal staff costs, and sometimes outright bribes), and too uncertain a process to get any large project approved, whatever its merits.

13 Apr 2012
12 Apr 2012
 11 Apr 2012

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