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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (15 - 18 Mar 2012)

Gory Prince George's
    Public Safety
    Corruption, Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • wbaltv: MVA: Embattled Delegate Tiffany Alston (D-24) Shouldn't Drive is.gd/dDEZAP.
    2012 Elections
    PG Gambling
      County Government and Politics
      • ShinkmanWTOP .@CountyExecBaker: I support gasoline tax. The $32 million we're spending on transportation isn't enough bit.ly/w5HIzv #AskTheExec
      • melcouncil9 For local businesses: Don't miss the first of our "Jobs First" Act Town Hall forums on March 19, flyer: tinyurl.com/7nldxqo. #fb
      • ABC7News Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker will be releasing his budget plan for the county. wj.la/z3Sksg
      • PGCCouncilMedia Council in session Tuesday, March 20 @ 10am, Council Hearing Rm CAB, Upper Marlboro. watch session live… stream.princegeorgescountymd.gov/LoadBalance1
      • PGCCouncilMedia PZED committee will meet on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 1:30 p.m., in Room 2027 of the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro.
      • PGCCouncilMedia THE committee will meet Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., in Room 2027 of the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro.
      • PGCCouncilMedia Chair Andrea Harrison hosts “Get In Step”, 2012 College/ Career Preparatory Conf. March 24, 8am-2pm, Charles H. Flowers HS, Springdale
      • PGCCouncilMedia Pr. George’s Co. Youth Commission meets Mar. 24,12 Noon-2 pm @ Glenarden Library, 8724 Glenarden Pkwy, Glenarden.
      • PGCCouncilMedia Prince George’s County Council will hold a Budget Town Hall Meeting, March 26 at Prince George’s Community College, Rennie Forum, 7-9 pm
      State Government and Politics
      • aapyles With budget on mind of most, bill that would give reporters greater legal protection failed in Md. Senate: bit.ly/ybbD1W 
      • WPJohnWagner Maryland faces millions in costs after paying more for slot devices than expected wapo.st/zQZ9mq
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Maryland faces millions in costs after paying more for slot devices: Peace & Blessings, We con... yhoo.it/ACnKsa
        • MDPolicy MD #slots costing more and earning less than we thought -- and we have yet to break even. ow.ly/9Hozd
      • postlocal Maryland faces millions in costs after paying more for slot devices than expected wapo.st/waT6bG
      • CBSWashDC Maryland House Considers Bill To Require Recycling cbsloc.al/zMebzA
      • Budget and Taxes:
        • MDPolicy . @mmossburg: Class warfare still thriving in the People's Republic of Maryland. ow.ly/9Hm7L 
        • MDPolicy #Walters: Does government spending really have to increase each and every year? ow.ly/9FQoK
        • mdreporter Senate withholds $500,000 from DHCD's budget until it can document costs of office move to New Carrollton. bit.ly/ADV254
        • ben_giles Lawmakers want assurances O'Malley's 6 percent tax on gasoline will stay in the transportation trust fund. bit.ly/xWuRHJ
        • mdreporter Senate passes a new tax rate for people making $500,000+ to pay for schools. bit.ly/xZPKc9 
        • mdreporter State Roundup: Senate approves tax on those making $500,000+; some want use of O'Malley's gas tax hike targeted. bit.ly/ziTO4C
        • AnnieLinskey The Senate now is moving super fast on the budget. Reporters running up to the chamber. Passed the first of four bills, 37-9. 
        • PKBNews Senate passes the budget #mdpolitics
        • AnnieLinskey Now the Senate is debating the BRFA, which includes the pension shift.  
        • AnnieLinskey BRFA passes 33-13. Frosh votes red. Interesting. Why did he do that?
        • AnnieLinskey Now Senate debating SB523. It includes nearly half a billion $ in new taxes. Pay attention middle class! 
        • ben_giles Two of four budget-related bills have been approved by the Maryland Senate this morning. Senators are on a roll.
        • AnnieLinskey Pipkin reading messages from constituents who say they the tax increases will hurt them. "$40 means the world to me," one writes. 
        • AnnieLinskey Pipkin: The $500K earners are the 'success people' he wants coming to his district to hire people. 
        • ben_giles Sen. Pipkin on raising income taxes, particularly on $500k-plus earners: "It's a jobs killer."
        • AnnieLinskey Pinsky, says that the tax plan is "not radical" it is "tax justice, it is fairness."
        • AnnieLinskey Pinsky: These people who will be taxed are the one percent.
        • ben_giles Sen. Pinsky: Income tax hikes are "tax fairness, it's justice." Millionaires are attracted to Md. because of state's spending on education.
        • AnnieLinskey Brinkley: Karl Marx would be proud (of new Senate tax plan)
        • ben_giles Sen. Brinkley: "Karl Marx would be proud" of Senate's tax proposals. #mdpolitics
        • AnnieLinskey The tax bill passes the Senate, 26-20. Two votes to spare.
        • ben_giles Senate bill with sweeping income tax hikes approved by 26-20 vote, the closest so far of the four budget-related bills. 
        • ben_giles Next up a bill on education spending. State could take county property tax dollars to keep up with maintenance of effort costs. 
        • AnnieLinskey Senate Dems who voted against tax increase: Astle, Brochin, Dyson, Garagiola, Klausmeier, Muse, Stone, Zirkin 
        • AnnieLinskey Senate MOE bill passes 32-14. Senate will break. 
        • CNSmd @CNSmd Maintenance of Effort passes in the Senate by a vote of 32-14. 
        • ben_giles Senate approves final budget bill with the teacher pension shift. This will likely come up at PG County's budget talks later this afternoon.
        • MDPolicy MD Senate increases income taxes, especially on wealthy, to pay for #education. ow.ly/9FRk1 #MDpolitics #MDtweets
        • DCExaminerLocal #Maryland senators approve a budget with income tax increases bit.ly/w8MKpx
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: PG Taxers: Apparently ALL PG Senators EXCEPT MUSE voted FOR O'Malley taxes is.gd/7npouY... is.gd/vGV992
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: PG Taxers: MD senate has now voted to raise state taxes AND override county charters is.gd/duHWYp
        • ben_giles Maryland senators pass budget plan with nearly half a billion dollars in income tax hikes. bit.ly/za7v0x #mdpolitics
        • andrewagreen Curious quirk of Senate tax plan: difference btw making $500k and $500,001 is $2,842.06 in state income tax. ($2,757 if you file jointly.)
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: [PrinceGeorges_Discussion] PG Taxers: Apparently ALL PG Senators: Out of control! Being le... yhoo.it/zXQ9V9
        • marylandmoment Maryland Senate approves ‘half millionaire’s’ tax: If you earn $500,000 this year in in Maryland, you might want... wapo.st/zGB1WR
        • DCExaminerLocal Maryland Senate approves sweeping income tax hikes bit.ly/A7HxbA
        • ben_giles Maryland Senate approves sweeping income tax hikes, including what Republicans call a "half-millionaire's" tax. bit.ly/wzFgKu
        • mdreporter The Senate approved the $35B budget and sent it to the House, but not without some rather personal debate. bit.ly/xwh1p4 
        • mdreporter State Roundup: Senate sends $35b budget to the House; O’Malley uses skyboxes to meet with politicians, give to charity. bit.ly/xfoFtI
        • bbjonline Maryland economic development incentive program faces budget ax in General Assembly bizj.us/b5izh (sub reqd)
        • ben_giles At delegation meeting, PG lawmakers peppering Del. Bohanan with questions about circumvention of TRIM in budget plans.
        • ben_giles MOE bills could allow states to raise county property taxes to maintain school spending. #mdpolitics (more)
        • ben_giles But Prince George's requires a favorable vote from county residents to raise the tax. Voters have twice struck down tax raising proposals.
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: PG Taxers: MD senate has now voted to raise state taxes AND let: This is the death of TRIM... yhoo.it/xPGI3s
        • MDPolicy MD Senate passes @GovernorOMalley's $35B budget and several tax increases. ow.ly/9HmHX #MDpolitics #MDtweets
      Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
      • pgcps @pgcps does NOT serve products containing lean finely textured beef a.k.a. Pink Slime
      • Gazette: South county parents seek more specialty education solutions is.gd/0kPNfm..
      • DanieljGross Police investigate elementary school procedures in Dodge Park child abduction bit.ly/FOBTJ7
      Business, Transportation and Development
      Local (Municipalities)
      • Berwyn Heights:
      • Bowie:
      • Capitol Heights:
      • Forest Heights:
        • DanieljGross After a heated campaign, one of two former mayors running is elected to become Forest Heights' newest council member bit.ly/zdMJ0T
      • Greenbelt:
        • Greenbelt News Review now online: March 15, 2012 issue is.gd/uCGtqS
        • -PG-Politics Fwd: Fwd: Greenbelt PD Crime Report for the week of March 11, 2012: yhoo.it/xwwL91
      Other (including news about news)
      • WashTimesLocal We're streamlining our social media approach here at The Washington Times, so please follow us @washtimes.com

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