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Friday, March 23, 2012

PG Taxers: Senate vote on SB848

Senate Bill 848, dishonestly titled as "Maintenance of Effort," overrides property tax limits established by the voters of several counties and allows county elected officials to ignore the provisions of their own county charters.

In the senate, all eight Prince George's County senators voted FOR this dishonestly titled, ant-democratic tax bill.  In my opinion, whatever spin or rationalizations they may invent, they deserve our contempt and future opposition. [House vote results]

Voting Yea:
Sen. Rosapepe attempted to amend the bill to reduce the damage.  Sen. Muse voted with him.  Senators. Benson and Peters did not vote.  Senators Pinsky, Currie, Miller, and Ramirez showed their contempt for the  frequently expressed will of Prince George's County voters by voting against the amendment.

(Updated 30 Mar 2012)

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