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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Same-sex marriage and Prince George's County delegates (17 - 19 Feb 2012)

This listing is generally limited to items relating to delegates from Prince George's and is sorted with the most recent items first; how delegates voted last; updated 19 Feb 2012.
  • realpgcounty Our take on the #MD Same-Sex Marriage Bill, an issue that should be decided at the ballot box therealprincegeorges.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/fro…
  • realpgcounty #signofthetimes new @pgcyd board announces gay marriage support previous board blocked out of concern for more conservative members.
  • realpgcounty FROM THE EDITORIAL BOARD--Gay Marriage, a matter to be settled at the ballot box wp.me/p1efJr-aU
  • realpgcounty Our Editorial Board is preparing to weigh in on #mdssm
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Prince George’s black Delegates split on same-sex marriage: ... Subject: [New post] Prince Ge... yhoo.it/yn0moZ
  • realpgcounty Prince George's black Delegates split on same-sex marriage wp.me/p1efJr-aJ
  • WPJohnWagner Maryland House almost didn’t pass same-sex marriage bill wapo.st/xWoOe6
  • WPJohnWagner The Post editorial board weighs in on passage of a same-sex marriage bill in the Maryland House wapo.st/yy5msw
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Md. House roll call on same-sex marriage----Here?s how members of: Peace & Blessings, Below, p... yhoo.it/x65vX5
  • DCAbloob RT @WashArchdiocese: MD House of Delegates action is "truly regrettable." #MDssm j.mp/zVnqct
  • DCAbloob Wash. Post has a listing of votes by member j.mp/xhGKc8 RT @maxdbrandy: Are roll call results published online? #mdssm
  • Same-sex marriage and Prince George's County delegates is.gd/dAkRxB (Includes how PG delegates voted)
  • ---
  • AFRO: Tipping Point on Gay Marriage
  • poliglot: BREAKING: Maryland House of Delegates Passes Marriage Equality Bill, 72-67 (mentions role of Del. T. Alston)
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Miller rejects Baker's stance on Prince George's casino: Seems fairly clear that Baker FAILED... yhoo.it/AcO4vg
  • DHillMaryland Md. House speaker's office now says official #mdssm vote was 72-67. Del. John Bohanan voted in favor but wasn't counted.
  • -PG-Politics Fwd: Re: Miller rejects Baker's stance on PG casino: So how much do you suppose Penn National paid ... is.gd/DCuD9B
  • NWilliams23 Now it is time to prepare for the referendum. RT @pgpolitics: RT @DHillMaryland: Md. House passes gay marriage, 71-67.
  • News8NewsTalk Del. Tiffany Alston (D-PG), perceived villian last year when the gay marriage bill got derailed, gives the measure its crucial 71st vote.
  • PKBNews The final vote was 71-67. Del. Alston telling House chamber it's time to move on. The vote taking place after 2 hrs of debate. #mdssm
  • DHillMaryland Md. House passes gay marriage, 71-67.
  • WPJohnWagner Del. Alston will vote for bill with confidence it will go to referendum. #mdssm
  • DHillMaryland Del. Tiffany Alston says she vote in favor of gay marriage bill. Backed out last year, voted against it in committee this week.
  • KateRyanWTOP MD Del Tiffany Alston, who offered amendment on #MDSSM bill in House, says it's time to move on...
  • CNSmd Del. Alston to House: "It's time for us to move on from this issue." #MDSSM
  • CNSmd Del. Alston speaks to the MD House now, explaining her changing viewpoint on the #MDSSM issue
  • CollegePrkPatch Dist. 21 Del. Pena-Melnyk will vote in favor of #ssmmd RT @thedbk: Del. Pena-Melnyk: “I have a chance today to make a difference,” will...
  • CNSmd Del. Valentino-Smith explains her no vote to the MD House #MDSSM
  • DCAbloob Del. Jay Walker says he has plenty of gay friends, isn't motivated by hate, will vote with his constituents & church groups against. #mdssm
  • KateRyanWTOP MD Del from PG county talks about how she's been told her vote could cost her the next election
  • realpgcounty BREAKING NEWS, Unconfirmed Reports of Del. Alston Flip on Marriage Vote wp.me/p1efJr-aA
  • DCAbloob Rep. Jay Walker with the Pandora's box analogy, worried about "what's next?" "What happens if someone wants three wives?" #mdssm
  • WPJohnWagner Del. Walker asks what's next? "Three wives? Dual husbands?" #mdssm
  • DCAbloob Rep. Jay Walker: "Marriage is not a civil right, it's a civil liberty. Traditional marriage has stood the test of time." #mdssm
  • PKBNews Patch.com reporting that Prince George's Del. Alston has flipped from a 'No' to a 'Yes' ow.ly/98RKD #mdssm
  • realpgcounty PG Delegate Tiffany Alston will vote same sex marriage bill. Supporters have the votes to pass.
  • MarylandJuice BREAKING: Del. Tiffany Alston Will Support Marriage Equality // Proponents Have The Votes #mdpolitics #marryland... fb.me/18KC1X2nV
  • AnnieLinskey Tiffany goes from floor straight to speakers office. Slipped off the floor.
  • AnnieLinskey Del Ivey, whose father died recently, just walked back to the chamber. Was out this am. Does that mean a vote will happen soon?
  • WPJohnWagner Md. House passes Del. Alston's amendment 81-52 #mdssm
  • AnnieLinskey Alston's amendment passes 81-52. Wow. Does she support the bill now?
  • CNSmd MD House Third Amendment: 81-52, passed, would hold Act until possible litigation over referendum process is finished #MDSSM
  • AnnieLinskey The Alston amendment includes a sever ability clause.
  • WPJohnWagner Del. Alston's amendment would stay same-sex marriages if there is still litigation over validity of signatures on petition drive to repeal
  • WPJohnWagner House leaders have endorsed an amendment to the same-sex marriage bill by Del. Alston, who removed herself as co-sponsor last year #mdssm
  • CNSmd Third Amendment in MD House: If there is a petition filed for referendum, #MDSSM Act shall hold until litigation is resolved
  • AnnieLinskey Wow. Alstons amendment is considered friendly. Is it enough to flip her?
  • CNSmd MD House: Del. Tiffany Alston introduces third amendment in #MDSSM debate
  • CNSmd MD House: Del. Aisha Braveboy proposes amendment to bring #MDSSM bill to referendum, Del. Dumais responds, asking amendment be defeated
  • AnnieLinskey Braveboy offering amendment that says same-sex bill should go to referendum. DuMais asks amnd to be resisted.
  • MDPolicy Delays of the debate on #SameSexMarriage might mean that the bill is doomed (again). ow.ly/98pfU 
How they voted:
(Yea: 13; Nay: 9; Absent:1)

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