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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (28 Feb 2012)

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  • WTOP Suspect in murder of #Alexandria activist Lenny Harris is in court for a hearing today bit.ly/AAEMzt
  • DanieljGross Judge rules probable cause to hold Linwood Johnson, 1st/2nd degree murder suspect in Alex. Activist Lenny Harris killing. More coming soon.
  • DanieljGross Oxon Hill man Linwood Johnson confessed to role in activist Lenwood Harris' killing, detective says at hearing Tuesday bit.ly/Aa8g3U
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  • anobleDC Prosecutors ask Leslie Johnson to pay fine before serving sentence. Plus, how much has she racked up in legal fees? - wtim.es/wdZhkm
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County Government and Politics
  • ObiePatterson My recent Winter newsletter is in Oxon Hill Library and local community centers. It will be on my website as a link soon. 
  • anobleDC New Hampshire may have scoffed, but P.G. adopts resolution supporting D.C. statehood - Washington Times: wtim.es/x4kwne
  • WashTimesLocal P.G. adopts resolution supporting D.C. statehood ow.ly/1hHtyk
  • Karen R. Toles
    • alanhenney PGPD chased a PG Govt car on 495 Monday about 100 mph. Driver exited @ Branch Av-stopped after PD surrounded. Driver is a Co Council Member. 
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Which county council member?: @alanhenney tweets::"PGPD chased a PG Govt car on 495 Monday ab... yhoo.it/x3Xa7S
    • PGPDJulie PGPD will release a statement shortly regarding the traffic stop. 
    • ABC7Brad PG council member clocked at 108 on the beltway. Leads police on brief pursuit. More on abc 7 at 5
    • PGPDJulie: #PGPD Statement on Council Member Traffic Stop (Karen R. Toles, District 7): is.gd/wd0YAd
    • PG has ticketed thousands for speeding at less than 50 mph. Karen Toles gets warning for going 50 mph OVER THE LIMIT. Disgusting dbl. std. 
    • DCExaminerLocal A Prince George’s County Council member was pulled over in a county-owned vehicle traveling 105 mph on the Beltway bit.ly/ABEtRr
    • ben_giles PG Councilwoman Karen Toles was caught going 105 mph on the Capital Beltway, PGPD said. bit.ly/zJTyWj
    • nsmcgill County police releases details on CM Toles ticketed for driving 105 mph on Capital Beltway: is.gd/vdePpw
    • Scott_McCabe Council member caught driving 105 mph on Capitol Beltway, given a warning, reports @ben_giles: bit.ly/xwFump
    • nbcwashington Council Member Warned for Driving 105 MPH in 55 MPH Zone: Police bit.ly/wqpdww
    • anobleDC P.G. Councilwoman says she was late for an appointment when clocked at 105 mph on Beltway - Washington Times: wtim.es/Ab49TB
    • DCExaminerLocal County official clocked at 105 mph: ‘I was leaving a meeting and was late for my next appointment.’ bit.ly/wB6nNL
    • ben_giles Update: PG Councilwoman Karen Toles caught going 105 mph on the Capital Beltway, issued a warning. bit.ly/zJTyWj
    • DanieljGross County councilwoman ticketed for driving 105 mph on Capital Beltway. (story by @nsmcgill) bit.ly/As7S7N
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