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Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent Prince George's County News (17 Feb 2012)

Note: Items relating to (1) same-sex marriage and Prince George's County delegates and (2) gambling in Prince George's County will be posted separately on February 18.

Gory Prince George's
  • Brown, Wesley W., 24, (0.038), 11 Jun 2010 [Map] [a2] [P-2770, P-2772, P-2773, P-2778]  
    • PGCrimeSolvers Witness testifies state trooper’s alleged shooter talked about case while both were in jail fb.me/1CN989Bbt
    • RochelleReports Attorneys wrap up closing arguments in trial of #PrinceGeorges man accused of killing a #MD State Trooper in 2010.
    • RochelleReports Jury begins deliberations in murder trial of Cyril Williams, accused of killing State Trooper Wesley Brown outside Applebee's in 2010.
    • nsmcgill Fellow inmate says he was threatened after agreeing to testify against defendant in June 2010 state trooper killing: is.gd/uQr0HF
    • RochelleReports Judge finds Cyril Williams guilty of possessing a firearm after a prior conviction in Trooper murder trial. Jury still out on other counts.
    • nbcwashington Cyril Williams guilty in murder of Maryland State Trooper Wesley Brown @DerrickWard4 reports 
    • nsmcgill Jury finds Cyril Williams guilty in murder of Trooper Wesley Brown, says PG state's atty's office. More to come on gazette.net
    • RochelleReports Jury finds Cyril Williams guilty of Murder & other counts in slaying of #MD State Trooper Wesley Brown outside #Applebee's in June 2010.
    • nsmcgill #SeatPleasant man convicted in 2010 killing off-duty state trooper; State seeks life in prison w/o parole: is.gd/sxCJae
    • postlocal Man convicted in fatal shooting of trooper wapo.st/w7lyEa
    • ABC7News Man convicted of killing Md. Trooper Wesley Brown in 2010. wj.la/zlIkvD
    • -PG-Politics Fwd: Mayor Grant's Statement on Guilty Verdict in Slaying of State Trooper ... From: Vinnie Mascarenhas is.gd/28BR4m
    Public Safety
    Corruption, Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • Gazette (Editorial): On keeping Currie inquiry closed; Panel does public disservice is.gd/s17c5e
    • PGSentinel Joint Ethics Committee unanimously recommends to censure Sen. Currie. shar.es/gmxKv #MDpolitics
    • CNSmd Currie calls panel's findings tough but fair. #mdpolitics #mdsession12
    • ben_giles Sen. Currie: to each member of the ethics committee, I say job well done. 
    • DHillMaryland Md. Senate unanimously passes resolution of censure against Sen. Ulysses Currie. Currie apologized before vote.
    • ben_giles Currie: "I never intended to do anything that would bring dishonor to you, my wife or myself."
    • ben_giles Unanimous vote for censure of Sen. Curtis. #mdpolitics
    • ABC7Brad #Maryland #Senate votes to censure Sen. Ulysses Currie
    • News4Today The Maryland Senate has voted to censure State Senator Ulysses Currie who failed to disclose work for a grocery store chain
    • CNSmd After vote to censure Sen. Pres. Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. said he was thunderstruck by initial accusations. 
      • CNSmd Miller said censure was "the toughest word we (senate) can use" to reprimand Currie's ethical violations.  
      • CNSmd "I say that's absolute nonsense," Miller said, when asked if this was a slap on the wrist. #mdpolitics
      • CNSmd Currie has already lost committee chairmanship but other recommendations will be taken under consideration, says Miller.
    • RochelleReports Maryland Senate votes unanimously to censure State Senator #UlyssesCurrie, D-Prince George's, for ethics violations. 
    • MarylandJuice BETTER WORD: #PRIMARYHISASS@CNSmd: Miller said censure was "toughest word we can use" to reprimand Currie's ethical violations #mdpolitics
    • DHillMaryland Resolution bans Sen. Currie from leadership roles in Senate or Democratic caucus. wtim.es/y7jtVS
    • WashTimesLocal Maryland Senate unanimously votes to censure Currie ow.ly/1hsqfX
    • MDPolicy Ethics committee comes to a rather wishy-washy conclusion on Sen. Currie. ow.ly/98qef #MDpolitics #MDtweets
    • mdreporter An emotional Currie apologizes to the Senate before it votes to censure him. bit.ly/yVHmVp 
    • marylandmoment Maryland Senate censures Ulysses Currie: The Maryland Senate voted Friday morning to censure veteran Prince Geor... wapo.st/wQtv7s
    2012 Elections
    • Payroll tax extension vote (aka cut source of funds for Social Security)
    • US House, District 4
    • PG Board of Education
      • Gazette: Citizen services spec, Sandy Vaughbs aims to improve classroom resources, business... 2nd try for BOE, dist. 4 is.gd/kOxHOE
      • Gazette: School board’s District 7 incumbent Henry Armwood seeks re-election to voice need for parent involvement is.gd/Px0aem
      • Gazette: School board District 7 candidate Carletta Fellows says she would make school budget easier to read is.gd/eBkZdj
      • Gazette: District 8 school board candidate Orlando Bego pushes for greater interagency collaboration is.gd/cYRBaZ 
      • Gazette: BOE district 8 incumbent Edward Burroughs would push for lower class sizes, funding for reading program is.gd/Xbocgd
      County Government and Politics
      State Government and Politics
      Big Brother is watching us (and related oppression):
      • Gazette (Editorial): Public schools must come first; Lawmakers need to rethink state aid for private schools; is.gd/4FMMA8.
      Business, Transportation and Development
      Local (Municipalities)
      Other (including news about news)
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Upstart news talker WNEW goes after the ears ? and advertising dol: ** *http://www.bizjournals... yhoo.it/yTfM2W.
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Comcast Pricing - What is Your Experience: Arthur, this is for you! Gasoline companies are not... yhoo.it/yeZF0i
      • -PG-Politics Fwd: Comcast Pricing - What is Your Experience: Comcast is right up there with PEPCO on my list... yhoo.it/zc4rDR

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