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Monday, January 09, 2012

Pre-filed 2012 bills sponsored by Prince George's legislators

For months, state and county officials have been telling us they will have to raise taxes again because of huge deficits, despite having passed the largest tax increase in state history just four years ago.  But as they plan to reach into the pockets of most all people in the state, Senators Ramirez, Peters, and Rosapepe are introducing four bills to reduce revenues by giving tax breaks to various favored special interests groups.

We keep hearing about how there is not enough money to completely fund our public schools.  Nevertheless, Senator Ramirez, ignoring both the deficit in public school funding and constitutional provisions requiring separation of church and state and prohibiting government support of religion, is proposing a $50,000 handout to a church-run Roman Catholic school. Delegate Howard wants to divert more money away from classroom education with a new unfunded paperwork mandate.

And Senators Benson, Ramirez, Peters, and Rosapepe seek to spend money on more wasteful study commissions.

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