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Friday, November 18, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (18 Nov 2011)

Gory Prince George's
Public Safety
State Government and Politics
Big Brother Is Watching Us:
  • wusa9: Red Light Camera Debate: Drivers Ticketed For Stopping Over The White Line; AAA: "To entrap and ensnare people." is.gd/qZVpZb
  • nbcwashington It's official: UMD students set record for human-powered helicopter flight: bit.ly/udZre4
  • pgcpsparents Is there someone who can assist in answering the following question. Can an elected official take a campaign donation and then vote on a
    • pgcpsparents contract (job) for that person valued over 1 million dollars.
    • pgcpsparents How would you feel if your school districts laid off teachers but agreed to a contract with one law firm for a million dollars a year?
    • pgcpsparents Does anyone know which PGCPs BOE person took money from a contractor who revived a million dollar contract and had it renewed for five years
    • pgcpsparents If this is not quid pro quo then what is it? If you give to an elected official money and then a million contract is given to you 5 yrs what
    • pgcpsparents When you cannot provide a list of contractors using public funds, when money is given to an elected official and a contract given DAMN, DAMN
    • pgcpsparents This is why the NAACP has requested a forensic audit of fiscal management, money comes and goes in this system without checks and balances
    • pgcpsparents I have a suggestion, if the laid off teachers give a few bucks back to that BOE member, then perhaps they can get a contract to teach LOL!
    • pgcpsparents WUSA TV, WJLA TV, FOX 5 TV and others never report on real issues in PG County just the nonsense stuff, 1 million dollars vs teacher layoffs
    • pgcpsparents If you call yourself a new station then get to then news, why did someone get a million dollar contract for 5 yrs and teachers are laid off?
    • pgcpsparents Why hire a law firm, hire a lawyer, much less costly. One million dollars a year for five years. R we getting what we paid for?
    • pgcpsparents This is wasteful spending that has and will continue to impact our children. Join me in calling the County Exec's office to stop this
    • PGD9Politico @pgcpsparents Verjeana Jacobs has campaign contributions and ties to Daniel Colton, now in prison from Johnson scandal...just sayin'
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