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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (15 Nov 2011)

News related to slot machines posted separately today.

Gory Prince George's 
Public Safety
County Government and Politics
  • Gazette: County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D), and 14 PG businesses join O'Malley junket to India is.gd/cyNHpJ
  • ben_giles Back from my tweeting hiatus bearing news from the PG County Council meeting. Last one of the year, the agenda (and room) are packed.
  • ben_giles Slots is the big ticket item on the agenda, but the debate over Karen Toles's PLA bill is heating up first.
    • TomDernoga CB-16-2011 Project Labor Agreement bill passes 9-0.
    • ben_giles Just heard fiery testimony from people for an against the bill, which allows PLAs on county construction projects over $1million.
    • ben_giles No surprisingly, the bill passes unanimously. 7 of 9 council members cosponsored the bill after a summer of debates.
  • PrinceGeorgesMD Baker and Council Bill Signing Ceremony for $50 Million EDI Fund this Thursday, November 17, 2011 in Suitland, cms.princegeorgescountymd.gov/ExecutiveNews/…
    • mce_watch Signing ceremony for Baker's economic slush fund, Nov 17, 12:30 @ Hunter AME church (church & state not separate in PG) j.mp/spXUEh
  • PGCBlogging @PGCCouncilMedia With all that's going on with gambling and such, the LAST update was from Nov. 10th OH COME ON!!! DO BETTER QUICK!
  • TomDernoga typical last day of the County Council legislative year - a looong day.
  • PGCCouncilMedia Pr. George’s County Council held the final Council session for Legislative Year 2011on November 15, 2011.
  • PGCCouncilMedia Exchange of Gavel for Pr. George’s County Council @ 11:00 a.m. Tues., December 6, 2011 in the Council Hearing in the CAB in Upper Marlboro.
  • ben_giles Phew. I probably won't tweet this much in one day for two months, until the PG Council gets back to work.
  • pgpolitics Sun: Same-sex empowerment conferences would make sense for Prince George's County schools is.gd/yiO3r5
  • Scandals and Ethics Reform:
    • PGCBlogging Leslie/Jack Johnson's tapes released. Part of their sentence should include them being excommunicated from the County. pgcblog.com/?p=1810
State Government and Politics
Big Brother Is Watching Us:
  • Gazette: PG delegation proposal would allow for year-round schooling; BOE voted unanimously 11/9 to support despite no funds is.gd/SfBb1W.
  • MDPolicy MD spends 1/3 more per pupil than the rest of the nation. Sound sustainable to you? #education su.pr/1fDoQb 
  • pgpolitics Sun: Same-sex empowerment conferences would make sense for Prince George's County schools is.gd/yiO3r5
Business, Transportation and Development
Local (Municipalities)
  • Post Ombudsman: Post Roast: Where was coverage of MD’s munixipal elections? 7 cities had elections, not a word in 11/9-10 Post is.gd/QgdYXj 
    • Answer to Post Roast: In the various Prince George's County Patch editions, now covering much of the local news ignored by the Post
  • Riverdale Park:
Other (including news about news)

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