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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recent Prince George's County News (10 Nov 2011)

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County Government and Politics
  • Gazette: PG County procurement should be open to all (opposes discriminatory CB-16 which may exclude most local bidders) is.gd/FkZKr4 
  • PGCCouncilMedia Council to host Town Hall mtg on Economic Development, Wed, Nov. 16th 7-9 p.m., @ Gwynn Park Middle School, 8000 Dyson Road, Brandywine, MD
  • PGCBlogging Carrol County Comm throws rock at PGCo & hides his hand. Uses PGCo as example of the ills of smart growth policy: pgcblog.com/?p=1762
  • Scandals and Ethics Reform:
State Government and Politics
  • pgcpsparents I heard portions of the PGCPS BOE meeting today. JOKE! The rubber stamp BOE was in rare form today
  • pgcpsparents Is it a conflict of interest when an elected official takes a campaign contribution from an person and the person's firms gets a contract?
  • pgcpsparents When the vendor's contract comes up for renewal, the elected officials votes in favor of the vendor's contract this seems like a conflict 
  • pgcpsparents I am not sure if it is aviolation of the law to take campaign funds from a person who later gets a contract and there was no bid process
  • pgcpsparents There should be full disclosure from elected officials when funders get contracts with govt. funds. Who was BOE Burroughs talking about
  • pgcpsparents I am disappointed there was no bid issued for legal council for the BOE. This is where people lose confidence in the system
  • pgcpsparents When will we have an elected school board that will lead, so that the community can have a real partnership
  • Gazette: New study says teachers are overpaid is.gd/MoSnj7
  • Epoch Times: Filipino Teachers’ Broken American Dream is.gd/CY6Noo
  • Gazette: School officials welcome feedback on boundary plan is.gd/BG6bxV
  • MDPolicy Are public school teachers overcompensated? In certain ways, it seems the answer is yes. su.pr/1Mu06O
  • gazette_net A first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Prince George’s County Public Schools receives a $44,800 salary.... fb.me/1l9cyHhab
  • PGCBlogging Heritage Foundation says PGCo teachers are overpaid. Wow. Just wow: pgcblog.com/?p=1762
  • PGD9Politico Answers my question about high-priced central office staff (Question 1) RT @PGCPSHite: PGCPS Budget FY 2013: bit.ly/vLdYIm
  • pgcpsparents The talk on the street is that the SY2012-2013 PGCPS school budget is being called Nightmare on Hite Street Part III
  • pgcpsparents Potentially unethical for elected school BOE to accept funds for their campaign and then give that person a job and renew contract
  • pgcpsparents a study recently released states Prince George's teachers are overpaid. I am not sure I agree with that, you cannot over pay a teacher
  • pgcpsparents I noticed that David Murray has started his efforts to unseat BOE Johnson. This is shaping up to be good battle. Youth versus mature 
  • pgcpsparents David Murray presents a few new views on the governance of the school system and they are complete opposite of BOE Johnson .
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