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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prince George's Delegation's proposed bills for 2012

From the Prince George's Legislative Delegation (Note: the 32 bills are listed at the end of this message):
(To All: Please note the location on campus and parking directions for the hearing have been updated from the previous e-mail sent earlier.)

Prince George's Delegation hosts public hearing Dec. 3
Saturday session to cover 32 local bills proposed for 2012

The Prince George’s County House Delegation will take public comments and testimony on Saturday, Dec. 3 at a public hearing at Prince George’s County Community College at the Queen Anne Fine Arts Building.

The hearing, which begins at 9 a.m. will include a chance for residents and groups to testify on 32 bills proposed that would specifically affect Prince George’s County or its bi-county agencies.

The bills are available on the delegation website, www.princegeorgeshousedelegation.com, under the “Legislation” menu. Citizens can pre-register to speak or submit written testimony by e-mailing pg2@mlis.state.md.us

"The delegation values testimony from citizens as we consider the bills.  We look forward to getting input on the proposals submitted by members during the public hearing or subsequently in writing," said Delegate Melony G. Griffith, chair of the delegation.

Due to another event on the campus, attendees at the hearing are asked to enter through the entrance on Route 202 to the Community College in Largo. Participants may park in Lots D and E.

Under county delegation rules, four committees review local bills by subject matter and send their recommendations to the full delegation. The bills must then receive a majority vote from the 23 county delegates in order to move on through the Maryland General Assembly.

The Prince George’s County House Delegation meets on Friday mornings in Annapolis during the regular legislative session scheduled to begin January 11th.

For more information, contact Legislative Director Daniel Valentine at 301-858-3074 or e-mail pg2@mlis.state.md.us.

The 32 bills:
  • PG/MC 101-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - System Development Charge - Replacement of Existing Single-Family Dwelling Unit
  • PG/MC 102-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Minority Business Enterprise Utilization Program - Termination Extension
  • PG/MC 103-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Human Resources
  • PG/MC 104-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Pipeline Construction – Contracts
  • PG/MC 105-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Residential Rental Property – Delinquency – Receiver
  • PG/MC 106-12  
    • Washington Suburban Sanitary District – Unpaid Water and Sewer Charges – Collection and Liens
  • PG/MC 107-12
    • The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Transparency and Rate Relief Act of 2012
  • PG/MC 108-12
    • Prince George's County - Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission - District Council - Ethical Requirements
  • PG/MC 109-12
    • Prince George's County - Proposed Subdivisions - Escrow Funds for Traffic Mitigation
  • PG 401-12
    • Prince George's County - Common Ownership Communities - Fee for Mandatory Administrative Hearings
  • PG 402-12
    • Prince George's County - Authority to Impose Fees for Use of Disposable Bags
  • PG 403-12
    • Prince George's County Board of Education - Recycling Program - School Facilities
  • PG 404-12
    • Prince George's County - Special Elections - Reduction of Polling Places
  • PG 405-12
    • Prince George's County - Board of Education - Operation of Schools - Year-Round Basis
  • PG 406-12
    • Prince George's County - Drug Free School Zones - Hotline Number on Signs
  • PG 407-12
    • Prince George's County - Adults with Developmental Disabilities Citizen's Advisory Committee
  • PG 410-12
    • Education - Prince George's County School Board Budgets - Transparency
  • PG 411-12
    • Prince George's County - Qualifying Municipal Corporations - Land Use Decisions
  • PG 412-12
    • Prince George's County - Foreclosed Property Registry
  • PG 413-12
    • Real Property - Dwellings Rented to Individuals at Least 55 Years Old - Residential Leases
  • PG 414-12
    • Real Property - Dwellings Rented to Individuals at Least 55 Years Old - Air-Conditioning Systems
  • PG 416-12
    • Prince George's County - Property Tax - Installment Plan Schedule
  • PG 417-12
    • Prince George's County - Homeowners' Property Tax Credit
  • PG 301-12
    • Prince George's County - Alcoholic Beverage Licensee - Retail Delivery to Consumer - Prohibition
  • PG 302-12
    • Prince George's County - Issuance, Transfer, and Renewal of Alcoholic Beverages Licenses - Payment of Taxes
  • PG 303-12
    • Prince George's County - Volunteer Fire Departments - Poker Events
  • PG 304-12
    • Prince George's County - Deer Hunting on Private Property - Sundays
  • PG 305-12
    • Prince George's County - Poker Events
  • PG 306-12
    • State Lottery - Licenses - Prince George's County Veterans' Organizations
  • PG 307-12
    • Prince George's County - City of Bowie - Alcoholic Beverages Licenses for Supermarkets
  • PG 308-12
    • Prince George's County - Hyattsville - Arts and Entertainment District - Licensed Alcoholic Beverages Establishments - Distance from Churches (Establishment of religion?)

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